URBAN DECAY |Naked AURA Illuminated Shimmering Powder



The recent release from Urban Decay is a new take on the exiting Luminous Shimmering Face & Body Powder. It was released as a holiday / Christmas product but this will be of more use to me in the Summer and since I am counting the minutes til I can get my pins out in actual daylight…


This is described as a soft pink shimmer with gold iridescent sparkle. To me its a pinky peach shimmer that leaves a metallic or frosty sheen. Two words: Fairy Sparkle. When I first opened the pretty box and a dome shaped, baked product glimmering in the light I was both excited and terrified. I have reached an age where one must be careful with glitter, but you also can’t deny a fairy princess heart Ha ha.


These photos are not re-touched, as you can see from the giant spot on my chiny-chin-chin! I also forgot to put on my eyebrows lol but I thought it would be better for you to see how it looks in daylight. This is without flash.


It’s quite finely milled for a shimmery/glittery product. It’s also fairly intense when swatched with your finger so you really can’t go on this alone in the store. When picked up on a fluffy brush its a little poofy so I opted for a duo fibre when lends to less mess. A lot of the glimmer didn’t transfer, to my delight. It was no where near as intimidating on my skin as it first appears. Instead it leaves a sheen, a shimmery one that is reflects slightly metallic.


Here I used the flash so it would pick up on the shimmer. I should point out that I really lashed it on my arm, I wouldn’t use this amount on my face in a fit!


Although its not nearly as terrifying as it first appears tread carefully if  you are not a fan of shimmer, in fact run in the opposite direction! Even if you like a shimmery sheen a little really does go a long way. So how wearable is this? In the day light you will sparkle like a Meyer vampire but at night or in artificial light it gives a pretty, ethereal look.


I’ve actually fallen completely in love with it! I just wear it with caution. It costs €29.50 but is on sale for €26 at the moment on Debenhams.ie. ($29 / £22.50)

Now, where’s my wand?

Any thoughts on shimmer powders?

GIVEAWAY! 50 Shades of Grey


To celebrate the upcoming release of 50 Shades of Grey on February 13th, Universal Pictures have given me three goodie bags to give away to my readers!


To enter all you have to do is comment below! You can also enter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook if you would like extra entries.

Giveaway closes on the 15th of February, I’ll announce the winner then.

Amy x



Instant Results! NEW Murad Instant Radiance Eye Cream


Hi guys, I’m back! I have a mountain of products and treatments I want to blog about so be prepared to get sick of me. Hope you all are enjoying Christmas!

I’m at an age where I am a little concerned about eye crinkles. I have spent much of 2104 testing my way through eye creams (over-view to follow). I have found some good ones but generally a lot of duds. I haven’t found my holy grail eye product so I still get a little over-enthusiastic when a brand launches a new product that contains the latest magic powers.

The latest offering is from Murad. The Instant Radiance Eye Cream is said to instantly erase dark circles. I of course needed to try it. Murad is generally a brand I trust. I haven’t tried too many products of theirs but of those I have tried, I liked.

So what does this guy do and did it do the trick?
Its said to brighten and smooth the entire eye area. I would agree, it certainly did. I patted it under my eye, on the lid and up to the brow. It has the effect of a blurring cream. Actually its’s a similar texture too, like dimethicone. But unlike my tube of Garner Blur this cream has anti-ageing benefits to boot. This is what you are paying for as far as I’m concerned. It contains a complex that is fifty times more powerful than an ordinary topical Vitamin C, which means maximum brightening and more importantly, maximum collagen production.

So the bottom line is that this cream works instantly. You get a smoother eye area and dark circles appear less noticeable. It also minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, smooths, hydrates and diffuses light for the blurred affect as I mentioned. I can’t comment on the long-term affects as of it but for a pre-makeup eye product, I am one happy camper!

You can find Murad in salons and spas (Therapie), John Lewis, House of Frasier and Debenhams in the UK. And costs €64.95/£49.50 for 15 ml.

Any fans of Murad products? Any product recommendations?

OSKIA | The Nutritional Skincare Angle


I have been keeping beauty secrets! I think it’s clear I love a bit of skincare but I don’t know if you guys know how interested I am in holistic nutrition. It has been something I have been reading up on for years and a big part of my life. So I was really excited when I heard about OSKIA skincare arrival to our shores. If you haven’t heard of the brand they create nutritional skincare, that has been proven to work. I have fallen hard. Read more…

Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Palette, Polish & Eyeliner

I’m not ashamed to admit that if Urban Decay release a new palette, I have to have it. I love the quality and pigmentation of the shadows, adore the packaging and well I honestly I get sucked in by the limited edition part. There is a par of me that also loves a gimmick. Their latest palette was released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the film Pulp Fiction. Read more…

Eylure Lash Collection |Natural, Volume, Length, Drama!

I love a good set of eyelashes. But I have to be honest,  I haven’t always been a fan of strip lashes.They were once reseverved for dramatic makeup looks, which isn’t really me. These days there are plenty of every-day type lashes that are comfortable to wear and don’t peel mid way through your day. Best of all, no one can tell. Well unless you want them to. Read more…

Oh my! Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Collection | Review & Pics


I won’t lie to you, I just about skipped with delight when Charlotte Tilburry’s makeup range arrived at their new stand in Brown Thomas. I mashed myself in between all the bodies trying to get a nosy at the beauteous products I had heard so much about. I got the chance to join some other beauty bloggers and really explore the brand. I am in love! Read more…

My Summer on Instagram

My favourite Summer dress, from Tesco. I know! I couldn’t believe it either. This is what happens when you send Amy to buy bread and milk.

Ootd, What every bikini needs… a giant hat!

Outfit of the Day, ditzy floral crazy! Went a little over-board on the girly-ness. I often do.

I had many, many picnics in Howth. Howth is one of those places that needs no filter. It’s just so pretty.

A selfie that showed some summer obsessions, eyelash extensions, summer t-shirts and Fuschia’s Mineral Makeup. My hair is very long at the moment but I clipped in one layer of hair extensions for a bit more fullness.

Outfit of the night, black dress from Asos & 5 inch heels! Laughing at the Head scratch moment.

Sunning myself poolside in Lanzarote!

Another of my favourites, this one is from New Look.

There’s something about the beach at night.

Happy Birthday to me! Fairy cakes and hello kitty scooters, yes I just turned 5 :D

One hell of a birthday pressie! I was a very good girl all year ya see, adjusts halo

My favourite view, lying under a tree peeking up at the sky.

I filmed a few videos… more to come, I promise!

We ladies love our hats!

A beautiful rose for a beloved baba’s birthday

This is what happens when H&M sell dresses for €13, I then need one in every colour! I went back and bought a pink and white one too.

I pretty much moved into St Anne’s park for the Summer. Artisan Food markets, the scent of the rose garden in the breeze. Hate to be morbid, but when I die I’d like to be scattered here, take note :D

And finally, this Summer I was really obsessed with wavy hair!

Hello my No7 pretties

Chantecaille | Meet their Global Artist

Processed with Moldiv

Hi ladies, I thought I would share this with any of you interested in Chantecaille. Fernando Cadavid, Global Make Up Artist, Chantecaille Beauty will be visiting Space NK Dublin 27th September. Customers will be able to book in one to ones with him online

Here are the booking details:

Booking Fee: €15 redeemable against product on the day

Space NK Grafton Street

Manager: Melanie
Contact: 016778615
Contact from the UK: 00 353 1 677 8615

I’m going to head along and meet Fernando myself. I have yet to try the brand so I’m very excited to see what’s what!

Any Chantecaille fans?




This is the third fragrance from Katy Perry’s collaboration with Coty. I enjoyed Killer Queen, the first fragrance, but I am usually drawn to brighter scents. This offering is fruitier and more floral. Read more…

June Favourites | Makeup & Beauty Products

Processed with Moldiv Favourites time! I just wanted to say thank you all for your lovely comments on my back-to-youtube video , they made my day. Here is a full breakdown of the products I’ve been loving, and the video of course. Please do let me know what products you’ve been loving in the comments! Read more…

Most Used Product | Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer Image Skincare

IMG_0482 As you can imagine I try and buy quite a lot of beauty products. Ok, understatement of the century. I have my favourites but whilst organising my products into my new IKEA Alex storage (more on this later) the other day I wondered which product I use most. Read more…

Treatment Review | VIORA REACTION Skin Tightening, Cellulite & Stretcmarks

Over the past year or so I have been starting to think about anti-ageing products and treatments. I want to preserve what I have for as long as possible, don’t we all. I was invited to Renaissance Laser & Skin Clinic  to try their new Viora Reaction treatment.


How it works

Viora delivers radio frequency energy to the underlying layers of the skin. As we age collagen fibres weaken; everything from sun exposure to smoking and stress has a damaging affect. Viora stimulates the production of collage and elastin but protects the surface of the skin, this means to redness, rashes or peeling. Read more…

NEW | CC Illuminating Foundation & Eye Roll On from GOSH | Review


I know I have been a naughty blogger and haven’t posted in ages. I had some site issues combined with some holidays and well time got away from me. The good news is that I have been testing heap loads of new products in that time and have engaged in a spot of shopping, ok so “a spot” is an understatement but you knew that! I have a lot to share and have been preparing blog posts like the good little obsessive beauty junkie I am. So enjoy today’s makeup musings and I shall be back in the morning to tell you about an amazing lifting treatment and something called ‘the Cinderella effect’. Disney princess’s completely grab my attention.

Now, to the important stuff! Read more…

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