The Balm |Hot Mama Blush & Plump Your Pucker Gloss

The_Balm_Hot_Mama_Plump _Your_Pucker_Gloss

I have fallen head over heels for The Balm. Granted up until these two products I have only tried the Nude Tude Palette and the Mary Lou-Manizer (reviews to follow), but the quality of the products is very impressive and the price is great. Hot Mama Blush and Plump Your Pucker Gloss arrived recently from I have been using them both daily for the past month so it was high time for a review.

The_Balm_Hot_Mama_Plump _Your_Pucker_Gloss

I applied the gloss over a tiny bit of concealer and then smeared on a very bright shade of pink lipstick that I haven’t the courage to wear from the tube. The result was so pretty I got a little obsessed.

Hot Mama Blush is a very pretty coral peach with golden undertones and reflects. I would imagine to many people it would be very similar to Nars Orgasm but I’m a fussy pants and two me the two are not inter-changeable. In other words, I need both :D


There is a bit of shimmer, it’s not matte. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest, you know I’m a glow addict. But a little goes a long way so go easy. It’s a great blush for a tired day since it makes me look fresh and awake. It has that I’ve-just-been-to-the-park affect on your skin. It’s also very pigmented so it will work on plenty of skin tones. It’s nice and warming on the skin so it looks natural, shimmer aside.

And a crappy iphone pic, with Sunday sweats!



I received Plump Your Pucker in the nude shade Cocoa My Coconut. It looks quite boring in the tube but it is anything but let me tell you. I have issues with gloss- they are usually so sticky that my hair gets stuck in them or they don’t have enough stick and they wear off in 5 minutes flat. This on is perfect for me. It lasts well for a lipgloss.


The shade is quite an opaque beige nude. It reminds me of Barry M Toffee but it’s better! It’s more milky, has better coverage and lasts much longer. I have to mention the scent, coconut and toffees. Yum. It stops me reaching for the sweeties too. I have been wearing the gloss alone, over nude lipsticks (Gosh Darling mostly) and finally, in a weird way.

IMG_9049   IMG_9052

I applied the gloss over a tiny bit of concealer and then smeared on a very bright shade of pink lipstick that I haven’t the courage to wear from the tube. The result was so pretty I got a little obsessed. Here it is on bare lips…


So there you have it, I’m addicted to The Balm! I have my eye on a blush palette next.

  • Hot Mama Blush €16.25/£13.50 from here
  • Plump Your Pucker €13/£11 from  here

Any fans of The Balm?

Amy x

NEW |Heavy Metal Loose Glitter & Adhesive from Urban Decay ♥ Photos & Review


I have a love/hate relationship with glitter. I’m drawn to it like a moth to a flame but I loathe mess. If you are a fan of glitter then you will love these new Heavy Metal Glitters from Urban Decay. The glitters came about when Urban Decay developed their Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive. The product held so well that they decided to work on loose glitters that would actually stay put.



There are 6 shades available:

  • ACDC bright purple glitter
  • Catfight pink glitter
  • Goldmine yellow-gold glitter
  • Loaded bright deep green glitter
  • Pyrotechnics iridescent glitter
  • Reverb bright, deep blue glitter



And for the swatches…


They are actually easy to use and give a full-on jewel encrusted look that lasts all day. The packaging is a clean and simple clear jar with a gunmetal lid.

Glitter and I have a love/hate relationship. I remember in my teens using Vaseline on my eyelids and patting on pound world glitter before the disco :) Bet I looked a holy show as my grandmother would say but I was happy holy show! And petroleum on eyelids…scary.

Bondage Weightless Makeup Adhesive


This adhesive takes the fear out of glitter. To be honest I wouldn’t go near this glitter without it. It’s light-weight which means you can’t feel it and if you have used other types of glitter adhesives you know that they often feel like glue. It rinses off with water so you don’t need makeup remover. The best part is that when you remove the adhesive the glitter comes off easily. There is also no alcohol or parabens in the ingredients list – important for products that are used on the eyes. It isn’t sticky or gummy as it wears very well.

The tube is gorgeous and has a sleek gunmetal finish. It has a nylon brush for precise application so you can use the glitter in the most specific of areas, even as a liner. Urban Decay mention it can be used ANYWHERE. Is it just my mind that goes straight to the gutter?! This stuff is perfect for body art.

Heavy Metal Loose Glitter costs €14/£10 and are on sale in selected Debenhams stores.

What do you think of glitter?

Amy xo

Mother’s Day | Last Minute Shopping


This Sunday is Mother’s Day on this side of the Atlantic. If you’re not as organised as you had hoped and find yourself running to the shops on Sunday morning (ahem, like me) here are some ideas.


If you’re looking for really nice skincare sets to treat your Mammy, Origins is a great option. Their Touch of Youth Plantscription Anti-ageing range helps target the four major signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, lifting and smoothing skin’s texture and helping to revive bounce. Sales spiel aside, I have tried the eye cream and the cleanser, they are on my repurchase life. My skin was lifted, firmer, softer and no breakouts. £49/€65

  • Plantscription™ Anti-aging serum (30ml)
  • Plantscription™ Anti-aging cleanser (50ml)
  • Plantscription™ Youth Renewing Night Cream (30ml)


The Love Me Ginger set is a little cheaper at €40/£30. There are citrus infused aromas of Lemon, Lime, Bergamot and tangy Ginger.

  • Ginger Float™ Cream Bubble Bath (150ml)
  • Ginger Souffle™ Whipped Body Cream (100ml)
  • Incredible Spreadable Scrub™ Ginger body smoother (100ml)


What Mother doesn’t enjoy a nice candle, the good quality kind they are unlikely to buy for themselves. Forgoe the usual Yankee and look at something a little more luxurious. The Max Benjamin Candle range is really gorgeous and they come in at only €18.95 each from Kilkenny Design. So if you’re on a budget and are looking for a smaller gift this is a great one. Kilkenny customers will receive a free box of Butlers Chocolate Truffles (RRP €15) with every purchase in-store and online over €75 from March 10th to 30th.


The Body Shop English Dawn collection is another great option. The scent is pretty and elegant, it’s perfectly named since it smells like a country garden. It’s fresh and is not a grandma scent :)

  • English Dawn White Gardenia Eau De Toilette €25.95
  • Fragrance Mist €11.95 (this one is a great choice!)
  • Body Lotion €15.95
  • Shower Gel €13.95


Giorgio Armani Si is my fragrance of the moment. It’s modern, elegant and soft. I would happily wear this one day or night. €54 for 30ml from Boots and departments stores. and soft.


I couldn’t leave you without including these two beauties. If your Ma would like a new face for Mother’s Day then these are for her – either or both! They cost €36.50 each. I will be re-buying both until I’m eighty! Stocklist here.

Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque – This mask is full of antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E. It promotes hydration and reduces the signs of ageing. I love this one for dry skin days when my skin is dull and grey.

Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque – My favourite skincare product of all time, I yap about this one way too much but incase you missed my declarations of undying love – this mask contains a blend of Glycolic and Salicylic Acids which slough off dead skin like nothing else I have come across. It improves dark ageing spots, irregular pores, dry skin, lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The clarity of your skin after one treatment is visible. This stuff is amazing for ageing skin, your Mammy will thank you!


I hope everyone has a lovely Mother’s Day, whether it’s with your own Mam or your children.

Amy x




PREVIEW: Electric Pressed Pigment Palette from Urban Decay | Swatches & Review


You know I’m usually a boring neutrals girl, but this Urban Decay Palette made my eyes pop. It’s the new Electric Pressed Pigment Palette from Urban Decay and it’s like standing in a sweet shop. Holy shockingly vivid colours Batman! Dork, I know. However neutral I am I sometimes enjoy playing with colour. And what better way to to do that than with a palette like this. As they say, go big or go home!


These shadows are so beautiful. the texture is amazing, so buttery. Not one chalky one in the bunch. There is also no dud and in my experience there is always a dud.

What I like:

  • Velvety Texture
  • Excellent Staying Power
  • A dream to blend
  • Rich colour & pigmentation
  • Amazing range of shades
  • Mixture of mattes, pearl, metallics and glitters.


If you like bright colours then this palette of velvetty, hyper-pigmented shades will be your dream come true. If you shy away from colour then this palette may scare the bejeezus out of you but remember you don’t have to wear all the bright shades at once. I like applying a bright shade to the lid and the blending in a neutral brown into the crease. Or going bare on the lid and smudging a bright shade under my eye. Cool case, tin. Giant mirror. Brush double ended pressed pigment brush. One end has a compact brush for packing on colour to line, blend and smudge and on the other a small pigment brush which can be used to apply colour all over the lid and into the crease.



Applied with my finger on bare skin:



And applied with the brush over Urban Decay Primer Potion:



  • Revolt bright metallic silver shimmer with silver glitter
  • Gonzo bright turquoise matte with floating tonal pearl
  • Slowburn bright red-orange matte with floating pearl
  • Savage bright hot pink matte
  • Fringe bright metallic teal
  • Chaos bright blue matte with tonal pearl
  • Jilted bright metallic fuchsia with blue shift
  • Urban bright metallic purple
  • Freak bright green with gold shift
  • Thrash bright lime green matte with floating gold pearl

The Double sided brush



€45 / £38 / $49 The Urban Decay Pressed Pigment Palettes is available this side of the Atlantic from April 1st from Debenhams and House of Fraser. It’s also available online from with of these stores and,, and

What do you think of the pigments?

Amy x

MeMeMe arrives in Ireland – Properly! …….. First Impressions & Pics


So MeMeMe Cosmetics have arrived in Ireland… all over Ireland! Woo Hoo! For those of you interested in the brand you may have noticed it’s presence in Superdrug in Santry over the years. It was always poorly stocked, there were never testers available and all of the products left on the shelves had been opened, used and were smudged or broken. The brand really called to me each visit though – it’s affordable, and the boutique packaging is so cute. It was a tad out of place in our awful Superdrug store. Now it will be available in pharmacies all over Ireland, and not in Superdrug at all. I couldn’t be happier.


I popped in to the launch of MeMeMe cosmetics with baby Sofia in tow this morning. The lovely ladies guided me through all of their products, whilst reading a Marayn Monroe book to baby. I happily smeared myself in all manner of pretty products. The list of products I am dying to try is growing, more of that later. For now I was given a beautiful little bag with a few products to try. I will follow up with reviews and Face of the Days etc., but for now I will leave you with my first impressions, honest as always.


Correct & Perfect Concealer Kit (€8.99) Hydrating cream concealer, setting powder and mirror all in one pot. This can be used for dark circles and blemishes. The packaging is great and very good quality. The concealer is quite thin on first inspection but I will test it properly before making any judgements. Based on the texture I would imagine this one might be best for covering marks and spots on the face and their creamy concealer may be better for under the eye. The powder is finely milled which is nice. We’ll see.


MeMeMe_Correct _Perfect_Concealer_Kit_Cosmetics_Ireland

Luxury Long Wear Lip Cream (€10.50) Persian Pink. Each lipstick has a name but is also associated with a particular goddessIt’s full of shea butter and although its creamy the ones I swatched were pigmented. It’s available in 10 shades. There was a gorgeous pink shade that has been added to my ‘lust-list’. This shade is a really wearable muted nude pink. It’s deliciously creamy – in fact it contains so much shea butter that I was warned to use a a lip brush to apply it instead of using it straight from the tube as it would break. That would sound a little off-putting to me except the finish and the pigmentation is really lovely. I would buy this in more shades. I will follow up with pics of how it looks on.




Blush Me! Blush Box (€10.99) A warm coral blush with a satin finish, no glitter. The pink shade really called to me but Rouge is surprisingly pretty. The packaging is obviously very similar to Benefit blush boxes which I love. I hate to use this phrase but this one really gives you a fresh pop of colour. First impressions, impressive for the price. More on this one at a later date.


Goddess Rocks (€15.50) I have heard quite a bit about these bronzing rocks from other beauty blogs and youtube guru’s. They leave a highlighting goldy bronze haze on the skin. I bet this looks amazing with their Celestial Haze product. I usually hate iridescent ball type highlighters and bronzers, they get stuck in your brush, land on the floor and get squashed. I’m not a fan of mess. But with these rocks that isn’t an issue, they’re big enough that that doesn’t happen. I was a little scared it they would look too intense after my first swatch but it left a really warm bronzey highlight on my skin. It’s not chunky or glittery. First impressions, I like!



Flawless Tinted Moisturiser SPF15 (€12.99) When I swatched this on my hand this morning I was very surprised by the effects. It had decent coverage, for a tinted moisturiser. It made the skin on the back of my hand smooth and glowing so I am really looking forward to trying this on my face (I’ll be back with a review of the products as I try them properly).


Whats rights about this brand

  • Packaging – beautiful! Holds its own against high end brands.
  • Price – affordable.
  • And now widely available, major bonus
  • MeMeMe_Seventh_Heaven_Cosmetics _Ireland

What else I can’t wait to try after a snoop around the products

  • Boho Balms
  • Angels with Halos Celestial Haze
  • Seventh Heaven Facebase
  • Flawless Cream Foundation
  • Little Angels Collection
  • Pink Blush Me!

Who am I kidding, I want to try it all!



I will update this post tomorrow with a full stocklist. Let me know what you think. As I said, I will follow up with full reviews and photos of how the products look on my face.

Any MeMeMe fans? And recommendations? Anyone as excited as me?

 Amy x

NYC Nail Polish Favourites


I love NYC nail polish. It’s cheap, it’s easy too apply, it dries in no time and lasts as well as the rest. I’ve yet to come across a dudd in their polish collection. Here are a few of my current favourites – not seasonal in the traditional sense but I love them none the less. I don’t always fancy a cheery polish, sometimes I like elegance or a bit of grunge for night time.

A Suitcase and a Donut



Leather & Mink



Money Never Sleeps



I have to include one more while I’m here. Bubblegum Pink is just so juicy and sweet and has Spring/Summer written all over it. It’s a dream to apply and dries quickly. You can’t go wrong.


Do you have any shade recommendations? A girl can never have enough nail polish :)

Amy x


St Patrick’s Day with New Look!

If you watch my haul videos you will know that New Look is one of my favourite high street stores. They have some pretty clothes, accessories and shoes this season. Thought I’d share since I was having a look at it this with my morning cuppa.

St Patrick’s Day with New Look from cherrie west on Vimeo.

The Open Black Pencil Dress is my favourite, it’s a great staple piece. You can shop here.

Amy x

Closed! GIVEAWAY | Make Up For Ever HD BLUSHER 2014 | Second Skin Cream Blush

rsz_hd_blush_wallpaper I know it’s been a while since I posted, tut tut! I thought I’d let you all know I’m back to daily posting :) If you frequent my blog you know I’m a die hard fan of Make Up For Ever products. I get all excited when I hear about their product launches. Next to arrive on our shores is the new HD Blusher, Second Skin Cream Blush. I have heard great reviews from those of you in the US who already has access to them so I can’t wait to try them. (Giveaway below)…rsz_1hd_blush_orange_file_00012209 What is it? It’s essentially a cream blush with HD technology that melts onto the skin. It gives a natural flush of colour. I find cream blushes can sometimes be a bit gaudy on my skintone so the ‘natural flush’ grabbed my attention. It’s said to be better than cream and powder blush because of its second skin finish. This means you can’t see the texture of the product on the skin, the blush looks like its your own, no trace of makeup. Usually cream products need to be applied before powder but this one can be used under or over powder. Another pro is that its completely lightweight. It doesn’t interfere with the makeup beneath it and is said to hide imperfections whilst lasting all day on the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, oily skinned girls rejoice! rsz_official_hd_blush_-_powder_2014_black_image Application These blushes are applied with a brush, HD sponge or fingertips depending on the look you’re going for. Shades There are 16 wide and universal shades to suit all skin tones. Available in 4 levels of skin gradation as well as cool shades and warm shade tones.

  1. Light Skin (2xx)
  2. Medium (2xx)
  3. Tan (4xx)
  4. Deep (5xx)

The shades:

  • # 220 – Pink Sand (-Cool Shade / Light Skin).
  • # 210 – Cool Pink – (Cool Shade/ Light Skin).
  • # 215 – Flamingo Pink – (Warm Shade/Light Skin).
  • # 225 – Peachy Pink – (Warm Shade/Light Skin).
  • # 315 – Peachy Beige – (Warm Shade/Medium Skin).
  • # 410 – Coral – (Cool Shade/Tan Skin).
  • # 515 – Tangerine – (Warm Shade/Deep Skin).
  • # 415 – Light Rust – (Warm Shade/Tan Skin).
  • # 335 – Fawn (Warm Shade/Medium Skin).
  • # 425 – Brown Copper – (Warm Shade/Tan Skin).
  • # 420 – Indian Rosewood – (Cool Shade/Tan Skin).
  • # 310 – Rosewood – (Cool Shade/Medium Skin).
  • # 320 – English Rose – (Cool Shade/Medium Skin).
  • # 330 – Rosy Plum – (Cool Shade/Medium Skin).
  • # 510 – Raspberry – (Cool Shade/Deep Skin).
  • # 520 – Blackcurrant – (Cool Shade/Deep Skin)

V367_Source file_00012226

They will cost €27 a piece and arrive in Ireland in two weeks time! I’ll be back with a full review, tutorial and pics of how it looks on when they are released. In the meantime…


Make Up For Ever Dublin have kindly offered me two of the new HD blushes to give away to my readers!

To enter : (1) Comment below with ‘Enter Me’ and (2) share this post (eg.,Twitter, Facebook, blog etc) using the hashtag #HDBlush.

To stay up to date with Make Up For Ever Dublin you can find them on Twitter (@makeup4everdub), Instagram and Facebook (makeupforeverireland).

Ah, blush makes me smile… sigh! Have a great day everyone. I’ll have my next post up tomorrow morning :-)

Amy x

*Update – Congratulations to Sinead K and Carolina Pelzer. My sister picked the names out of a hat :)


LookBook | A Touch of Grunge




Kurt Cobain T-Shirt | Only (On sale)

Tan Handbag | Dunnes Stores €25 (Current Season) Bargain of the year!

Cardigan | Only €25 (Couldn’t find it on site but similar here)

Leather Look Leggings | Mango 

Boots | €55 Dunnes Stores (Current Season and so comfortable)

Necklace | Forever 21 (last year)

Glasses | Bvlgari (Sunglass Hut in January)


I often take a snap of myself in the dressing room mirror when trying on clothes, in this case the Mango Leather Effect / Look Leggings. For some reason I can’t judge how something looks on my when with my eyes lol.

You guys have been asking for more Outfit of the Day posts so I hope you liked – let me know what you think.

Amy x

Video | Easy Beginners Nail Art Tutorial – Hearts & Polkadots

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