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12 Week Blow Dry

As you may already know, my parents are hair stylists. My mum recently got a 12 week blowdry as a way of testing it out before learning how to do it.

The affects were amazing. My Mam has quite wirey, course hair so I couldn’t believe the transformation. It has now been 6 weeks since the treatment and her hair still looks amazing. She noticed that it’s not a chore to dry her hair after she washes it. It holds the shape and silkiness.

Here’s how it works:

The 12 week blow-dry is a treatment for taming frizzy and unruly hair. It leaves hair  smooth, sleek salon blow-dried finish that lasts for 12 weeks.

It takes approximately two hours and you are left with easy-to-manage silky smooth hair.

The product contains Keratin, a primary protein in hair and nails. Keratin is natural and gives hair a healthy and smooth finish.No chemicals or preservatives are used in the treatment.

The treatment is applied to the hair which is then allowed to dry straight and sealed with straighteners. You have to avoid tieing up you’re hair or putting it behind you’re ears for a short time.

It takes no time at all to blow-dry and straightening your own hair for the full 12 weeks.

What seems great to me is that your hair won’t frizz in the rain (Irish women can relate!) and a little blast of heat from your dryer and your hair looks fabulous. Que 1980’s vidal sassoon music … ‘like you just stepped out of the salon’.


Where to get the 12 week blow dry:

Contact Noileen in Hair Matter’s Clontarf (01)8330278

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  • Rachel

    Hi , I have afro like curly hair which takes an hour to straighten !! Was wondering if the 12 week blow dry is as effective on curly hair to that of people with just wavy hair ?!

  • Julie

    I got the 12 week blow dry done 3 weeks ago. My hair is cloured and fine frizzy and damaged from years of colouring. The 12wbd didnt take to my hair the first time. It was still frizzy and dry. Went back to the hair dresser and they redid it again using a different treatment. My hair was very shiny and silky and smooth and I was very happy with it but after a week i noticed the treatment faded from my hair very quickly and it went back to its natural state. To my horror my hair started to break around the front of my hair. I cant even tuck my hair behind my ear its so short. Im really upset.. Id advise anyone getting this done to make sure that the person doing their hari is trained in this procedure and theat the product they are using is not harmful to the hair. Im going back today to complain! I will NEVER get this done again!

  • kirsty mooney

    hi amy..i was lookin todo the course on d 12week blow dry as we’ve just opened a new salon and have already had numerous questions about it..would love if you could let me know where the courses take place!!
    thanks x

  • NicNoc

    Forgot to say, i think my hair is silkier (which i always wanted!!) but i only get 2 days from a wash now where as before i got 4 days. It just looks and feels greasy very quickly.

  • NicNoc

    I had the 12 week blowdry done a week ago and i have to say its not as good as i thought it would be. My hair used to be a little bit wild and frizzy but after 30 mins of drying and GHD’s it was grand, i have a similar effect with the 12 week blowdry but it only takes 10 mins to dry and 5 to straighten so i dont know if its worth it for hair thats not too crazy or damaged!!

  • laur

    Hi Amy
    luv your site, my sister is looking to do the 12 week blow dry course and the only place we can find that do it are in cork and limerick, can you let me know where I can do it in Dublin.

    Many thanks

  • susan

    i got 12 week blowdry done 2 weeks ago and cant say it has made a great difference.i had course wavy/curly hair,although my hair is a lot less course the curls are still the same after i wash it,i hav to still straighten every day for 15 mins..and still goes curly in the rain???????has this not worked on my hair

  • Rachael

    I have had the 12 wk blow dry twice and its fantastic would love to do the course would you mind emailing where I could do it.

  • Elaine

    Hi Amy,
    when you said yo wish your hair was thick enough to have it done, does it not work for thin hair? my hair is quite thin and broken at the moment and i need to find something to deeply condition it asap!!

    • Amy

      @Elaine Sorry Elaine, I meant to say that it was too flat haha My hair is very fine and was in horrific condition. I had the 12week b/d about two weeks ago and my hair is still like silk. It’s brilliant for damaged hair of any kind. I did a video on my experiences with it if you need more info x

  • Bella Khreis

    Hi Amy, I am also a hairdresser returning to work and would love to know where I could do this course. If your Mum knows, would you pm me. I would really appreciate it. Bella

  • kim

    Thank you so much i really mean that and love your site.. will defo be getting those fab soaps asap :)

  • kim

    hi amy i am a hairdresser myself and i am looking to do the 12 week blow dry course myself could u tell me where you mum do it, as i am really interested in doing it? thank you

    • Amy

      @kim I’ll check with my mam and email you with the info :)

  • Sarah

    Hey Amy,
    I read about your website in kiss and have now spent the past 3 hours reading EVERYTHING! Your website is definitely one I will be checking daily, Ive already bought 4 of your soaps! I have very curly ( zig zaggy curls when slept on!!) frizzy hair but I do live in waterford so do not think there is anywhere here to get it. Anywho, I think Im going up to Dublin in a couple of weeks and was wondering if you could give me an estimate of around how much it would cost I have medium length hair and details on where your mums salon is! Thank you :) x

  • Críonna

    Hey Amy, this sounds great! Id love to get it done! :) How much does it cost?

    • Amy

      I think it starts at €150 (it depends on the length of the hair) I wish my hair was thick enough to get it done. It would be nice to not have to think about styling for 12 weeks!

  • Lainey

    Yeah I got it done in my local salon about 7 weeks ago… it’s amazing!! It’s not one bit over-rated. You really do look like you have left a salon after blow-drying it!!!! Would reccommend it 100%!!!!!!!x

  • Shabna

    That sounds wonderful! Hmmm maybe i should try :O

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