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20 Weeks Scan Photos & New Bump n’ Baby Blog…

Well, as promised, here is my nugget at 20 weeks, taken on Monday. I can’t stop smiling!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of hearing your baby is growing fine – makes months of morning sickness worthwhile :)

New Blog Time!

I also wanted to mention that I have started a second blog – Bump & Baby Blog – so I can rant, rave and review all things baby and pregnancy related. I contemplated including such posts here but I don’t want to alienate my beauty readers. And lets face it, lots of people don’t want to read about baby stuff.  However, I will continue to post pregnancy beauty related posts here since it’s relative. This new blog won’t affect Makeup & in any way. I will post as normal.

I will try and post on my Bump & Baby most days – Oh how I love to blog :)

Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

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