2012 Beauty Resolutions…

There’s nothing like a fresh start. I’m not a big fan of the New Years hype but I do enjoy the feeling that accompanies the first few days of the year. Time to wipe the slate and start fresh. I enjoy making resolutions and for the most part I do quite well in keeping them, the personal ones that is. My beauty resolutions, however fun and fickle, last about a week.

My personal resolutions have been made weeks ago – tidy as I go, regular clearouts, start learning a new language, continuing last years gossip ban (this one actually worked) etc. My beauty resolutions, although shallow, required more thought as they weren’t as obvious (hence why I’m posting this on the 2nd of Januray and not the 1st).

My 2012 Beauty Resolutions (dun, dun, duuuuuun…)

1. Tidy as I use my make-up – I am so bad at this. My dresser is always full of make-up. Put it away Amy!!

2. Try different eyeshadows – don’t fixate one one for like a month and neglect everything else. My thought here was – You bought them with your hard earned money so enjoy them!

3. I am evoking a one mascara at a time rule for myself. I have been known to have 6 or 7 on the go only to have to bin them a few months later after only a handful of uses. Waste.

4. Use-up expensive foundations, without guilt. This one is hard to explain. Basically I save and buy expensive foundations that I research and test at the counter. Then I enjoy owning it, wear once, decide it’s too fancy for every day use and reach for Revlon Photoready or Rimmel Lasting Finish. This is ridiculous. Once again – You bought them with your hard earned money so enjoy them! I remember my mum telling me years ago to stop leaving my nice clothes in the closet – that they were for wearing and not looking at :) So wise. I’m taking the same approach here. I think this boils down to a self-worth thing; I’m not from the ‘Because we’re worth it’ generation having been born into a recession. I tend to feel guilty buying myself anything whereas I feel no guilt buying for others. Surely feeling guilty wearing what you have already bought is a step too far! Well no more… ok, well I’ll try :)

What are your beauty resolutions this year? I’m dying to know.

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  • Carri

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  • robyn

    Hey Amy, Happy New Year! I love this post. I have been swirling resolutions around for a bit trying to decide which is a real option & which is a fling :) Basically, they are as follows:
    1. I’m in serious need to lose weight to be happy & healthy. I have let weight win for too long & I realize I’m letting life & love pass me by b/c I won’t be comfortable or fear rejection. So I’ve decided to be pretty resolved about making healthy, sensible changes in my diet, exercising & embracing that just because I’ve had a rough day I don’t have to eat Ben & Jerry’s Phish food icecream to feel better. :)
    2. It kinda goes along with your “because I’m worth it” bit- I almost always put others before myself & don’t use up my nice makeup, fragrances b/c I think I have to save them for something special. Well…like your momma said-Those clothes aren’t for looking at, wear them! So, I’m wearing my fancy perfumes, I’m taking the few extra mins on my hair for work b/c I spend 40+ hours there-why not look good :) Also, I know I really struggle with feeling like I should have nice things-low self-esteem & all that…so this year, what the hell! I’m gonna wear all the pretty stuff I can find and smell as good as I want :)
    3. Save money by using up products I already have & change my shopping. I tend to hit the makeup section last as the “dessert” part of my shopping but really what I need to do is go there first & carry the things around with me in the buggy that I think I’m going to buy…I would probably cut my purchase in half. Also, I need to use up mascaras, foundations etc before purchasing a new one. I just counted and I have at least 12 mascaras (full and sample size) going at the moment and that is insane!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. See the cinematic moments of life more-by that I mean-> you know how at the end of a movie or show they play the music & kinda slow down the scene of everyone laughing, hugging or having a good time & you kinda of see them in this really great moment…well I want to embrace those more. I want to slow down & soak in my favorite fellas singing “I’m not a girl, not yet a woman” by Brittany Spears & remember that laughter & how ignorantly funny they are.

    I also might kiss more boys this year :)


    • Amy


      This was gorgeous to read :)

      I know how you feel about the weight /life passing by thing. It’s mostly in our head but once I started taking action I felt better by just having my control over myself. A little bit of self-discipline does wonders doesn’t it (I’ll have to try hard for that myself)
      – Life cinematic moments? Know exactly what you mean. I think I spent years obsessing over stuff that wasn’t important and looking past what was under my nose. I feel like I’ve grown up in the last year :)
      -Woo hoo for the boys this year!! Enjoy
      -And most of all don’t ever doubt that you are MEGA SPECIAL!!!!! Cover yourself in pretty things this year. (If I’m having a sh*# day I wear my fanciest underwear under my normal clothes – sounds ridiculous but it works wonders :) )


      • robyn

        Thanks Amy :) I think you are just so kick a$$ ;) I have loved visiting your blog & reflecting on your perspective on life & products-i truly trust your opinion as real & honest :) I love that you wear your fancy undies with normal clothes-that is so cute hahaha I am going to have to try it :) i forgot to mention, to all of this i have added accountability. i have a family friend who has struggled with similar things and she emailed me some pointers and i’m accountable to her for my eating, spending and exercising…i think its the smartest thing for me b/c i’m my own worst enemy & i’ll just be lazy.

        Thank you again for being so sweet! I’ll have to take a screen shot of the “mega special” and remind myself of that :)

  • Ash

    ohhh love the use expensive foundation one will definitally be adding that to my list,also need to put lids back on things,always forget and then they just get lost and all my stuff dries up,stop being so ditzy aislingg….

    • Amy

      Ha lids are the one thing I’m particular about, now if only I could put everything back where it came from…

  • Angie

    Hi Amy! These are great resolutions! While one of my beauty goals this year is to actually purchase (and not just drool over) a high-end foundation I can see myself totally doing what you do and not wearing it since it is “too fancy”! I’m currently stuck at the “leaving the nice clothes in the closet” stage, so hopefully I will break free of that one and not have that problem when I finally buy that high end foundation, lol ;)
    I’ve been thinking of doing a similar post! I will give it some more thought and do it. :)

    • Amy

      Hi Angie, wear the fancy clothes! It found it liberating :)
      Send me the link when yours in up!

  • Cel

    be more positive!!

    – i like the tidy as I go rule!

    and i like the one mascara at a time rule as well!!

    I think we’re all guilty of it!

    One thing i think I might try to it get out of the habit of cleansing wipes!!!

    • Amy

      Best of luck Cel – That was my beauty resolution last year (think I lasted til february ha ha) I’m so lazy!

  • Sabrina

    They’re great resolutions Amy. I have a few
    1 – Build up my MAC eyeshadow collection. I have one pallet complete, but I’ve decided that on each pay day, I’ll treat myself to one eyeshadow! :-)
    2 – lose 1 stone in weight, and get back to my target weight.
    3 – Clean my make up brushes more!. My husband bought me the 42 piece professional make up brush set from Inglot, so I need to look after it! :-)

    • Amy

      Oooooh I like the idea of one eyeshadow after each paycheck :) Enjoy your brush set – they sound beautiful!!

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