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A Change in Skintype, a Change in Foundation

After a brief fling with Boujois Healthy Mix (review on it’s way!) and a long love affair with Nars Sheer Glow, my skin is demanding a change.

The reason for this demand is that my skin type has completely changed over the past season – I’m putting it down to cold weather and hormones. I have always had combination skin. Normal on the cheeks/forehead and prone to oiliness on my nose and chin. Not any more.

At the moment my skin is

  • Dehydrated – despite tonnes of moisturising products and water
  • Very fine – as Irish skin tends to be. It needs more protection from the elements than thicker skin
  • Prone to congestion – blocked pores on my chin
  • Spotty – on  my chin only, thank you hormones. The spotty areas are very dry, no oil in sight which means no more spot/acne products for me

Nars Sheer Glow is an absolutely beautiful foundation but it just isn’t cutting it since my skin has dried out. I find myself with patches of dryness as the day continues. I will probably return to this old favourite next Summer when my skin is less parched.



Bourjois Healthy Mix is cheap, easy to apply and fresh but it doesn’t provide the coverage I need on the spotty areas at the moment. It also doesn’t last very long on the skin although it is a lovely foundation.


So this left me with the dilema of choosing a foundation, preferably one I had in my collection already. On a whim yesterday I grabbed my bottle of Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation and smeared it on with my fingers after my moisturiser.


Low and behold it looked divine and lasted amazingly well. All day in fact. I loved this when I first bought it but found it took rich for my skin in Spring and Summer. I could feel the foundation on my skin, which I hated. Now that I have dry skin, it overs moisturisation and a barrier from the elements. My skin felt completely protected from the cold.

I think I may re-love it!

A note on my moisturiser of choice lately – I am absolutely in love with Aqua Serum Hydrant and Créme Ylang by PHYT’s. It is designed for thin Celtic skin. They are also organic. I am addicted to their range at the moment… I feel a video coming on!

How is your skin this weather? What foundation and moisturiser have you been using to help?

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  • Catherina

    U have hit the nail on the head with pro its fab on the skin,great coverage and gives a lovely glow….i watched one of ur posts about revlon photoready and had to try.I totally agree with u on this 2…great price,great coverage and lasts for ages so i found my new best friend :D….away with estee lauder doublewear light.this stuff is the biz :D.Pro lumiere for nights out at the weekend and photoready for daywear :D

  • Tesni

    Amy, my skin is exactly the same as yours at the moment, and its driving me mad, as it looks horrible::( any tips?

  • Tara

    Hey Amy,

    You should check out pixiwoo’s recent vidieo about brow tinting….nic was talking bout a product she said was brilliant for dry skin! might be some help!! :D

    • elaine

      It was oilatum. I got it and it’s brilliant!

  • Dollface_24

    I am having similar issues to my skin as yourself. It is SO dry but also quite spotty around my chin. I am freaking out and not a happy camper. I need to take some serous action asap!

  • Orla

    I’ve just been wearing topshop skin tint these days because I’m only going to school and my skin is so dry! it isn’t amazing but stops me looking dead haha xx

  • Alma

    I am also with dry patches around my chin, and I found myself switching between foundations (MUFE HD -sometimes combined with MUFE face & body) but on the really bad days I splush the Pro lumiere. Wanna though give Clinique anti blemish foundation a try. As for moisturizers, I am using a combination of Liz early at night (after their cleanse) and in the morning with origins (Brighter by nature serum and daily cream). What actually works for me the best is the alternate masks. I combined every other day the Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliant with Origins the clay mask, the day after). Smooth like baby!

  • caitriona

    I usually use chanel matte lumiere as I have combination skin with an oily t-zone. At the moment though my skin is dry and flaky, but still gets oily throughout the day. I’ve been using revlon photoready, but it only goes on nicely when applied with fingers. And as for the spots, don’t know if its from the weather, or one of my usual outbreaks that I tend to get. I’m so confused. Ok, my rant is done, for now.

  • June

    Pro Lumiere gives a really beautiful finish but MAN does it make you oily!! I love it but after a few hours I look like I have had my head in the chip pan! Definitely one for dry skin. I’ll wait until after the menopause to try it again!!

  • Katie

    I have acne and am using benzoyl peroxide treatments that are clearing it up (i’m like 80% clear) but I have redness and scars to conceal. The treatment makes my skin quite dry and flaky aswell. I’m just wondering if the chanel pro lumiere would be a good match for my skin at the moment? I was going to get the lancome teint miracle to see how that worked for me.

    • Amy

      The pro lumiere has great coverage but I would be careful if you suffer from acne. My acne at the mo is hormone related to it’s not affected by products I apply – acne lotions, creams, rich foundatiions etc. The reason I never used my pro lumiere initially was because I used to be prone to spots due to oiliness and it didn’t help matters. Really it would depend on what the cause of your acne is (hormone/oil etc).
      The dryness on your skin is prob from the benzoyl peroxide exfoliating the cells. A good exfoliation might make it easier to determine whether you need a moisturising foundation like this one or one for controling oils x

  • Lyndsey

    My skin always gets dehydrated in the winter, so I need to use a hydrating cleanser and an extra rich night time moisturiser too! However, I can still get some oil during the day, so I use an oil balancing moisturiser to combat any shine.
    I think in Britain we get used to our skin changing dramatically from season to season. What with central heating and then the harsh cold weather our skin takes an absolute battering! So eventually, we have a bathroom cupboard with 70 different skin care products and an empty purse :)

    • Amy

      Ha ha that’s so true Lyndnsey! It’s not our fault at all :)

  • Siobhán McDonnell

    Hey Amy!
    I love reading your skin posts because I have the exact problems and skin type as you seemingly. My stupid skin has all but shrivelled up over the past month so I went over to the Laura Mercier & Bobbi Brown Counters scabbing as many samples as I could of the different foundations in my quest to find the perfect one for my new ailments! I love the Chanel foundations but the pale one’s are just too pink for me. Tho saying that, I’m talking about the Matte Lumiere here so I may just toddle on over next day I’m in work and snag a sample of the Pro-Lumiere in the hopes that the shades may differ slightly in my favour!
    Oh the joys of pasty Irish skin, ha ha!

    • Amy

      I know, it’s such a pain! :) My shade in pro lumiere is yellow toned, I would look very strange in a pink, like wind burn haha

  • GlamourDaze

    The Chanel Pro Lumiere is a flawless foundation. Streets ahead of others

    • Amy

      I find nars sheer glow to be just as good, particularly for camera work but it depends on skin type really.

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