A Complete Look at The Body Shop Christmas Trend

The other day I posted some pictures of the products I received from The Body Shop Christmas Trend 2010. Since I didn’t show the entire line and received a few questions about what other products would be available, I decided to post the entire collection.



I thought I’d post the entire collection so you could see everything!

What are your thoughts?

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  1. love the bottle for the spray it looks so girly

  2. Looksies

    Thanks for full look Amy!

  3. Ruth

    Looks gorgeous – love the sparkly pink. You can achieve that starry night look if you already have a black polish, just layer up with a glitter topcoat. Play about with different glitters for different effects. I have one from Gosh that looks like burning embers layered over black – or OPI thats looks like a night sky – really pretty over midnight blue too.

  4. these are incredibly girly and soo sexy! I love their colors and the recipients. i think the body shop did a great job this season. i’d absolutely LOVE to try them! :X you lucky girl

  5. I love the look of the Starry Night nail varnish, will deffo be checking it out when it’s released :)

  6. Roberta

    Oooh I want it all!!!

  7. Ava

    Thanks for the full look Amy :)

  8. lauren

    wow cant wait to get it :) it looks amazing :) x