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A handy travel gadget – FLO Atomizer

I have a little bit of fondness for perfume as you know. I usually haul a few bottles on holiday with me but with strict baggage weight regulations I was delighted to hear about Flo Refillable Perfume Atomizers (I will do anything to ensure that I don’t have to give a cent more to Ryan Air!).

They are also available in black of silver. I’m a pink, so this one suits me down to the ground. It also affected my choice of perfume – I filled it with Nina Ricci. Match made in heaven.

The atomiser is very easy to use. There is zero mess whilst extracting the perfume – much to my surprise. It also fits all perfume tops.

It’s cute and sleek. My clutch bags will no longer be abandoned! This is so tiny it will fit snuggle into the minutest of mála’s. It’s also is a great way of avoiding excess baggage charges. I need to pick up a few more for my other Winter fragrances (video coming). It would actually make a good stocking filler, man or woman – note to self!

You can pick up a FLO Atomizer from Andy& . They’re quite cheap at €12. I need more. Would one for each fragrance be excessive? :) Eh, yes.

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