A little update…

Happy New Year everyone!

I know I have been missing for the past week or so. It was a nightmare getting home from Chicago,  I was incredibly lucky to make it home for Christmas. I arrived home to a foot of snow which brought Dublin to a standstill.  I had a great Christmas and didn’t mind so much that my internet connection was down. I’m now back in action and have been blogging away getting posts, swatches and videos ready. I’ll be back to my regular daily posts from tomorrow – one in the morning, one at lunchtime and one later in the afternoon.

Thank you all for your weather and airport update tweets!

And now, back to blogging…


Change in eating habits

When I arrived home from Chicago I planned to return to normal eating habits. However, Christmas got in the way.  So an end to pancake and maple syrup breakfasts at West Egg, delicious burgers from The Cheesecake Factory and far too many Starbucks (although I only drink their tea!) but arrival of too many turkey and stuffing sambo’s! That being said, I am happy about the extra butt toning  – thanks to getting lost many many times in the Windy city and walking as fast as humanly possible to avoid said butt freezing off.


Teeth obsession

Ok so not very exciting to you but I am enjoying obsessive oral hygeine at the moment. I picked up one of those tooth scraper things from Boots – technical name unknown! The set came with two scrapers and a mirror, similar to the tools a dentist uses. I have been using them very very carefully to provide a clean between my teeth in between my 6 monthly dentist visits.My bottom teeth look completely different!

I have also started carrying around floss, which I know I should have been doing anyway. I have always brushed regularly and my hygienist gave me an A+ sticker upon my last visit (I’m such a child) but a C for flossing.  I have been using a So Fresh flossing tooth brush . These are brilliant, it’s a tooth brush that also flosses. I didn’t expect it to work, glad to be wrong!

I got an Oral B electirc toothbrush as a Christmas present so I look forward to incorporating it into my routine. God I’m such a dork.


On another note, so many of you recommended the Colgate Whitening strips that I bought a pack. I’m 3 days in and so far so good and way better than those available on the Irish market. I’ll report back in another few days with my progress.


YouTube Video making…

You may have noticed a decrease in the frequency of my YouTube uploads. To be honest I was lacking in motivation and inspiration for a little while. Sometimes I like to take a step away and regroup :) I am happy to report that I spent most of the festive period watching youtube make-up videos (whilst scoffing my face) and getting interested again. I now feel revived and enthusiastic and have a huge list of videos to record.

I forgot to mention that I will be uploading a video tonight – Make-up Collection & Storage. Thanks for the many requests!


Blogging for fun

Quite a few of my favourite YouTube guru’ s and bloggers have decided to quit as a result of negativity within the beauty community.  I have been quite lucky but on the odd occasion that someone takes the time to spread their misery I just don’t let it bother me. As many an Irish mother would say – there’s always one! I  focus on all the lovely positivity I receive instead on entertaining that ‘one’.

Blogging and YouTube video making are my hobbies, not my business. I love it but it’s just a bit of fun and it’s my hope that it is received in that spirit. It’s fun and enjoyable and as long as it remains that way I intend to keep it up. It is my mission to ignore negativity and competitiveness; I am not a competitive person in any way, I’m far too passive and laid back for all that. I’m no expert at the whole blogging thing either, I’m learning as I go along so bear with me. This brings me to my New Years Resolution – to enjoy the heck out of blogging and video making. Huge thanks for all your support!

As I mentioned, normal blogging will resume tomorrow :) I’ll see you bright an early for some frivolousness!

How was your Christmas and New Years?

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  • ruittiscoum

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  • Ash

    So glad you made it home , i had nobody in my family stranded , Thank god
    but i did think of you on numerous occasions
    i was so happy when i read your tweet saying you returned home
    delighted your back up and running as your my all time fave utuber and blogger,
    hope you have a great year

    • Amy

      Ash you’re an absolute sweetheart. Thanks so much for your support! x

  • Dee

    The problem with youtube is that any idiot can make a comment, and any idiot often does. I’m always baffled by people who feel the need to say really bitchy things when they don’t like someone’s opinion/looks/ideas/existence/whatever on youtube. If you don’t like the person, don’t watch them. Problem solved!

    • Amy

      Amen Dee! Think there is the odd one who watch just to leave those sorts of comments. Have been lucky enough so far but I hate even reading those comments under other peoples videos, jesus it’s just a make up video ha ha

  • Ellie

    Hey Amy, thank god you made it home for Christmas. When I heard that the airport shut I remembered a tweet from you a few hours beforehand saying you were heading to the airport to come home. Hope you had a lovely time away and a lovely Christmas. I have been obsessin about my Oral Hygiene lately do, taking extra care. As for blogging for fun, I recently started a new blog and am really enjoying it again. I do love your blog and it is still a huge motivation and inspiration to me :) Happy New Year, can’t wait for more from you. Ellie xox

    • Amy

      Hi Ellie, Delighted you started your own blog!
      Thanks so much and Happy New Year!
      Amy x

  • Alethea

    Welcome back Amy!!!Missed your blogging over the last few weeks ;-) Will look forward to all you’re lovely posts about the goodies you got in Chicago!

    • Amy

      Thanks Alethea :)

  • EACHT2001

    glad you’re back, amy, missed you, know I don’t write a lot, but I’m always around somewere!!!! I love you’re posts, they’re so down to earth.

    • Amy

      Ha ha always around somewhere :) Thanks so much!

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