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A look at Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection 2011

If you fancy drooling over make-up this evening here’s a better look at the Yves Saint Laurent Spring Collection 2011.

PALETTE PINK CELEBRATION  – Highlighter Palette Harmony €53


MANUCURE COUTURE No. 5 Favorite Chic €35


Mascara Singulier (No. 6 Deep Plum) €31



ROUGE PUR COUTURE – Pink Collection €31

I find myself drawn to the lipsticks… dare I indulge?! I’m also intrigued by the plum mascara and the blue nail polish.

What stands out most to you?

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  • Oshinsr

    Some gorgeous lip colours, wow!

  • Lucy

    Love the lip and nail colours :-)

  • Mia

    I’m with Sinead, those lipsticks look fabulous. Will you be posting swatches? I always check your swatches before I buy :)

  • CherryBerryBlog

    I love estee lauder fragrances but have never tried their make-up. I always look at it and never know what to buy. Thanks for posting this, I had a very close look at those lipsticks hee hee Let us know what you think of the products or maybe post some swatches..

    • Amy

      I certainly will Cherry :)

  • Karla

    I always wonder about colored mascara. Let me know what you think of the plum mascara

    • Amy

      If I try it Karla I’ll let you know

  • Trish

    Ooh pretty-pretty girl things!!
    I may need to inspect those nail polishes up close and personal like…

    • Amy

      Ha ha My thoughts exactly Trish!

  • Sinead

    Oh no! Look at the lippies Eeeek, I sense trouble on pay day :-)

    • Amy

      The sort of trouble that makes us smile :)

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