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A little look inside the Rio Complete Nail Art Kit

Among the many fabulous Birthday presents I was showered with last week, was the Rio Complete Nail Art kit.  I had yet to venture down the nail art route, to be honest I wasn’t sure what my thoughts were on the whole nail art phenomenon. I have since decided that I find a delicate ornate detailing attractive in small doses but can’t quite make my piece with full on statement nails. It’s just not me, although I do appreciate the creative work that goes into them. So I am very excited about making this kit work for me. Here’s a look inside…

And the box… (I’m not sure why – for reference maybe? :)

It comes with a dvd and instructional booklet. I found the booklet far more useful than the dvd – much greater detail.

These are the nail art polishes (top), the printing polishes (bottom), adhesive and a 2-in-1 Varnish.

You are definitely limited in the shades available in the kit but if you had none of these supplies in your posession, like me, I suppose it’s a good place to start. If I enjoy using the kit I may add bits and pieces over time.

You also get the tools necessary to complete the art work. In the dvd the tutor uses the paint brush to apply base coat polish. It occurred to me that I moan frequently about the standard of the brushes inside the lid of a nail polish and it never once occurred to me to use a separate brush.

I’d be lying if I claimed to know what all of these tools are. I see a scraper, printed nail foils, a stamper, an orange stick and a thingy-ma-bob for picking up gems – It’s clear that I have all the terminology down.

And of course, oodles of gems…

I’m actually keen to try the gems. I’m such a magpie, attracted by anything shiny. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t make peace with the matte nails trend.

It also comes with a teeny tiny tube of glitter – which I am absolutely terrified of.

Although it was a birthday pressie from a family member I had a nosey to see where it came from. They’re sold in Argos for €39.99. I’m sure that they’re available from any store that sells Rio products.

What is your experience and thoughts on nail art?

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