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A Magic Treatment – Image 02 Lift (No downtime!)

skincare-6We have always been told to leave enough time between a facial and a special event so your skin looks it’s best. It has been my experience that the benefits of the facial have often worn off before the big day. I was excited when I heard about Image’s new treatment – the O2 Facial. You can have it the day before a big event or even on the morning of. I was intrigued.

The treatment

Oxygen provides a host of  benefits to the skin; it brightens, speeds up healing, boosts circulation, reduces stress, and helps elimiate toxins. The treatment is designed for all skin types so everyone can reap the benefits, even pregnant ladies like me. The O2 Lift also infuses peptides and high concentrations of enzymatic botanicals into the skin. It leaves you with luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated skin.  I could certainly use some of that.

The facial itself took 45 minutes:

Step 1: A Gel to Milk Cleanser was massaged into my skin.  It gently cleansed my skin, no stinging or drying sensation, it was milky soft. I love the facial massage part of a facial – I could lie there all day. The therapist took her time working the product in and then removed the cleanser using a warm cloth/sponge (I of course had my eyes closed in a coma-like state so I can’t be sure which).

Step 2: An Enzymatic Facial Peel was applied. The therapist explained that the fruit enzymes would dissolve dead skin cells. The gel smelled lovely and was also well massages into my skin for a few minuted before it liquified.  She continued massaging which is to help it penetrate the skin and gently lift dead cells, promoting collagen synthesis and deep hydration.

Step 3: An Oxygenation Masque was then applied. This is where the magic happens. The product goes on like a gel and then starts to foam. It is the weirdest feeling – like fizz, actually effervesent might be a more appropriate word.  This is how it delivers the oxygen into the skin. I liked that I could feel it working. While the mask was working away the therapist gave me a lovely hand massage. 15 minutes later the mask was gone. It had delivered the necessary goods to my skin.

Step 4: A Stem Cell Enhancer was them massaged on to my face, neck and décolleté.  This is a serum loaded with high doses of stem cells, vitamin C and botanicals  which penetrate deep into the skin.

Step 5:  Prevention+Tinted moisturizer was then applied to my skin. The therapist explained that this is a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  The colour worked well on my skin and it was moisturising without being greasy. I was left glowing. I always hate leaving with a naked face post-facial so I really appreciated this step.


I was given a Max Trial Kit which would enhance the effects of the O2 Lift.  It contained the Max Facial Cleanser, the Max Serum, the Max Cream and the Prevention+ Daily Ultimate Moisturizer SPF 50.



The therapist showed me the results in a hand-held mirror at the end of the treatment. I looked like I had a mini face-lift. My skin was fresh, plum and hydrated, basically a million miles away from how it looked when I arrived. When I got home my hubby commented on how rested I looked. I was actually a little disappointment that I didn’t have somewhere special to go.

The following day my face looked different. I actually had a hospital appointment and the doctor commented that my face looked different, she just couldn’t put her finger on what it was. My skin looked plump, fresh and perky. The facial really provides amazing results. Even a week on my skin still looked great. My skincare products absorbed so well and my make-up sat like a dream.

I can see these facials becoming an addiction. Once my skin fell back into it’s usual rhythm I wanted to book another!

I highly recommend this treatment. I will definitely be booking in for one before my next big event. Image treatments are available in salons around Ireland. Link! I had my treatment at Renaissance Clinic in Howth. The staff were professional, friendly and provided me with all the information I needed.

Have you tried any Image treatments or products?

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