My Morning at BITE

I decided to pay a last minute visit to BITE (Beauty Industry Trade Event) yesterday morning. I was trying to keep myself away so I wouldn’t spend money on make-up and nail polishes that I really don’t need…

I caved.

The Make Up For Ever stand had some special offers on make-up sets. I was delighted that nothing really appealed to me.

The lovely Makeup and badge

I bought some Crown brushes, which I have never tried before. Haul post will be up this evening.

I was handed a ridiculous amount of literature on brands.

The place was jammers with models getting spray tans – Sunjunkie, Vant-T, Wow Brown.. the list goes on. I left feeling utterly pasty :)

The Bourjois stands was absolutely manic. The had a special offer on – 5 items for €10! This is a great deal but it was eat or be eaten at this counter. I was elbowed and shoved around – it’s amazing what women will do for cheap make-up.

I picked up some goodies but I was good overall. I will post by haul this evening!

BITE is running today too in the RDS Simmonscourt if you are lucky enough to be off today. It’s free to attend but you need to work in the beauty industry is some way.

Were you at BITE?

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  • Aliona

    I was there on monday.realy like to get there cheap stuff with good quality.
    I bought the same some brushes and transluscent powder at fuschia,didnt had to much time that day as was reserved to do make up at movie,sad as there was a lot greate stuff.year ao i got my first Nyx eye palette that love so much

    • Amy

      Sounds like we all behaved ourselves!

  • Emz

    Really dying to read about the Crowne brushes – have heard so much about them recently. They seem so reasonable in comparison to the higher end brands so would love to know if they match them quality wise etc!

    • Amy

      Posting about them tomorrow :)

  • Emily

    Wow I love your bag! Where’d you get it?

    • Amy

      In Carraig Dun (think that’s how to spell it) My aunt bought be a voucher for that shop and I thought I would never find anything in there. Low and behold, I found my bag :) Think it was reduced to €75

  • mariga

    I went early to avoid the crowds. Stuck to buying things on my list, can’t believe I was so good (except for an unplanned handbag!). Seemed like every second stand was tanning though (yawn).

    • Amy

      Agreed, tanning was way out of hand. you’re so good to make a list!

  • aoife

    I went too!!! Can’t believe I didn’t see you there :( Actually I can, it was packed yesterday. I bought a tonne of jessica nail varnishes and some mufe stuff. Really enjoyed it. My purse didn’t though ha

    • Amy

      Ooh what jessica polished did you buy? I kept away from their stand :)

  • Lainey

    Looks CRAZY busy there. Wish I lived in Ireland! How cool :) xxxx

    • Amy

      To be honest Lainey, you didn’t miss a whole lot :) x

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