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A New Favourite of mine from Shu Uemura


It is so hard to find the perfect shampoo for your hair type. I have lost count of the mountain of products I have tried over the years. Most were dismal failures, some were great but I hadn’t found anything that rocked my world. That may have changed. I have been trying out the new Shu’poo Cleansing Oil Shampoo for the past month. It’s designed to give you an airy touch – sold. I have fine, long hair so if my shampoo weighs it down it looks pretty pathetic. I always buy products that claim to be light-weight but usually find them too drying for me.

My thoughts so far…

Scent: Divine!

Packaging: The pump is extremely convenient for the shower

Price: Luxury item for sure. At €40 it’s very expensive. I use one and half pumps for my long hair and the 400ml bottle is enormous. I also only need to wash my hair twice a week. If you are an every-day washer then this could get too expensive.

Scalp: Sometimes my scalp can become a little irritated. I found this shampoo really calming and I had no itching.

Results: My hair is light and feels luxurious like no other product and I had oodles of volume.

Cons: Because the product is designed to leave your hair light and airy it’s probably not great for very dry hair. I alternate this with whatever shampoo I’m trying out at the time.

The bottom line It’s perfect for Summer. My hair feels absolutely divine after use but although the feeling is addictive I do need to use something more moisturising once a week. Bouncy, airy, residue-free hair is mine! This Shu’poo is possibly a holy grail product for me.

Worth the price for me because it’s perfect for my needs. I can imagine a lot of disappointment though if it didn’t suit your hair type. This shampoo is available for oily hair and hair with dandruff too. I would definitely think it through if you are an every-day washer, your shampoo bill might be too much to bear. Research your options before you buy and save on buyers remorse.

Favourite shampoo?

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