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A Red Lipstick sort of a Day…

I felt like donning a red lipstick today. Don’t ask me why, it just felt right :) I haven’t worn red in a really long time. I tend to apply it and then change my mind. Not today.

I opted for Lancome’s new collaboration with Kate Winslet – Rouge L’Absolu Rouge BX in 132 Caprice.


Here’s a rough application to give you an idea of the colour…


And a full face shot – beware there is very little other make-up left on my face…

This is such an old-time glamour shade, but with a more modern finish. Although it’s intense, it’s very wearable and works very well on fair skin. It also smells lovely, in an old-school way. This shade makes me want to don a vintage dress and paint the town red.

The finish is satiny. It’s very easy to apply, in fact the shape of the lipstick means you could by-pass the liner entirely (although I always wear one with red). It also lasted well on my lips, hours in fact and it’s not drying at all.

I love the packaging – sleek. The magnetic closure is a god send, I wish all lippies came with one.

This collection was created with Kate Winslet in aid of the Golden Hat Foundation. I blogged about the collection recently if you haven’t seen it. (Link)

Do you have a favourite red?

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  • francesca

    I came accross your blog looking for this lipstick since I have seen it on ebay and the auction starts from 1 pound!!I’m really tempted!!
    I did think it was more ‘hot pink-ish’ but I love this shade of red!!my only fear is that it won’t suit my read hair and ‘yellow’ complexion :( still undecided!

  • Maddy

    That’s a gorgeous shade of red on you! My favorite red is Nars Fire Down Below. This has been my trusty red for years, I’m afraid to venture out and find another shade as it took me a long to find the right my perfect red.

  • Alethea

    It looks fab on you-very lada gaga-esque!!!Love the pared down makeup to emphasise the red lips

  • Chrissie

    Your skin looks flawless here, porcelin perfect. and that is the RIGHT red for you. Gorg :)

  • Victoria

    This looks gorgeous- a real classic red.

  • robyn

    This lipstick is fantastic! you look brilliant in it! I love the contrast with your skin tone (and the fact that we are about the same coloring so now i can guess how it will look on me-i’m always selfish haha)

    seriously, LOVE this! Random-what shade are you in rimmel lasting finish? i have my summer shade but am nervous about picking the right fall/winter one.

    • Amy

      Yay! :))
      I think I’m classic beige right now. It actually comes off a little light some days so I need to warm it up with a dab of something else. I bough ivory too so that in a month or two I can mix it with classic beige so I can match my skintone exactly.

  • Angie

    Ahhh! This red lipstick looks like it was made for you! I have yet to find that perfect made-for-me red lipstick. I have a few reds I’ve tried but tend to play it safe with sheer reds. You have inspired me to continue on in my search! :)

    • Amy

      Yay! I always opted for sheer reds but then thought, what the hell, go bright!

  • Kat (

    Such a beautiful lipstick and it looks stunning on you! I wasn’t all that interested in the Golden Hat collection, but now I seriously need the lipstick in my life, right this minute! Divine.

    • Amy

      Definitely worth a look Kat!

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