About me

Hi, I’m Amy I was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland. I grew up in a household full of hair and beauty products, both of my parents are hairdressers.  My Dad is a Stylist and my Mum is a Colourists and Stylist. My Nannie (that’s my Grandmother who wouldn’t allow me call her Granny because she was too young :) ) is also a hairdresser. I know, I know, I’m a lucky girl. My family are a quite a creative bunch in general so from a logical thinking skills perspective I never stood a chance.

I think many of my family and friends think of me as a nurturing person. It’s this side of my nature that drives my compulsion to create; be it painting, make-up work, YouTube videos or crafts. It was during my angst filled teenage years that I started to draw and paint. I used painting as a creative outlet. I also learned how to play the piano. It was at this time that my interest in make-up and beauty products really kicked in, although I never wore much make-up (Mammy kept the reigns tight there!).

Pretty things make me happy. This is not limited to shopping it could just be a pretty tea-cup and saucer or a beautiful photograph.  Right now I have a really pretty sweeping brush in my kitchen, even that makes me smile. I went to college to study Irish and Theology, it really wasn’t for me. I felt my creativity was lost in there, I couldn’t wait to graduate. I painted and taught piano to keep myself sane. The week before my finals I started a Make-Up Artist course and I was hooked!.

I did diligently go back to college and completed a higher diploma but the world of makeup kept calling. Helping people look their best and feel good about themselves is very rewarding and remains my main motivation.

Lately I’ve been making YouTube videos and blogging up a storm. I started making make-up and beauty videos in February 2009 after reading an article in a magazine about another guru. Watching her videos inspired me to join in. People think I must be this confident, self-assured person to sit on front of the camera. This isn’t the case at all. I’m a chatter but I’m quite shy and introverted. I really enjoy sharing my experience of beauty products and make-up tips. I am both shocked and humbled by the warm reception I have received from the YouTube beauty community. I feel honoured to be a part of.

In late 2009 I launched www.makeupandbeauty.ie. which is the home of my YouTube videos and my blog. There are so many serious aspects to life that I like nothing more than having a rant about shallow, pretty stuff. Let’s call it escapism!

Thanks for reading,

Amy x