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Acne and Vitamin D3 – Clear skin

Over the past year I have had near constant breakouts on my chin and sometimes my jaw. I put it down to hormones and try to deal with the breakouts using antiseptic products. Three weeks ago I had a bit of an epiphany.

Some background info… (skip to the bottom for the research)

Before I went away I had a huge, well at least huge to me, sore on my chin. It started as a small group of spots then turned into a sore. It was there for about 4 weeks, it wouldn’t heal. After the ‘leave it alone’ method failed me, I tried \Savlon Healing Cream and Germoline. No luck. I eat a balanced, healthy diet (most of the time) so I wasn’t thinking of a deficiency.

Twenty four hours after my flight landed it was healed! Miracle? Probably not. I decided it had to be the sun as there was no change in anything else. For the whole holiday I didn’t get one spot despite loading my skin with thick sun lotions. Having clear skin made me realise how stressful it is having constant breakouts.

I arrived home and low and behold a spot pops up the next day. I googled the relationship between the sun and acne and found a few articles that discussed the effects a deficiency in vitamin D3 and acne. It occurred me that not only do I lack sunshine in my life but that I gave up drinking milk about a year ago (to avoid the antibiotics from cows milk).

Here are some interesting facts I found:

  • Getting sufficient Vitamin D can help resolve acne by making the skin and body healthier
  • Because the sun provides the most potent source of vitamin D, make sure you get enough exposure to the sun to improve your chances of having well-nourished skin.
  • 10 minutes of sun exposure per day can provide you with the vitamin D that you require to help encourage healthy skin and fight acne
  • Take supplements or eat foods rich in vitamin D, such as cod liver oil and raw milk, to promote healthy acne-free skin. Although natural Vitamin D may not encourage the same type of skin cell growth as synthetic Vitamin D
  • The healing properties associated with Vitamin D can help minimize the appearance of acne scars and to encourage your skin to naturally repair damage done by acne.
  • And no, sunbeds don’t offer sufficient Vitamin B and we all know they increase the risk of skin cancer significantly.

In conclusion I need to drink milk and get 10 minutes of sunshine a day. The first is not a problem. The second however, is Ireland’s fault!

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  • semi formal dress

    Pretty good post. I simply stumbled upon your blog as well as wished to say which I’ve really enjoyed searching your site posts. Regardless I’m going to be subscribing for your give food to as well as Do you write again soon!

  • Amy

    hey amy i get the exact same cystic acne on my chin and around my mouth. but as soon as I go on holidays my skin completely clears up!! going to try ur advice now and hv a glass of milk now few times a wk thnks for the advice :)

  • Caoimhe

    Hey Amy, I notice that you often talk about the antibiotics in cows milk etc, what do you mean by this? Are these naturally-occurring or are they given to the cows? (that question sounds really silly) What are the bad effects from taking these products? I’m currently on 2 types of antibiotics- one for my acne and one for malaria tablets.

    • Amy

      @Caoimhe No need to panic Caoimhe – I meant the antibiotics fed to cows to make them product more milk etc. Taking medication is different. Assuming your gp is checking your liver regularly (which is what they’re supposed to do when someone is taking acne antibiotics) Hope you’re taking an acidopholis supplement to prevent thrush forming in your body from the antib’s ( have a chat to the ladies in the health shop about that one).

  • veflexra

    I think I kind of noticed this before but never really put it together. In the summer I have less break outs. Thanks for the post. I, too, don’t drink enough milk. And I sometimes slack on the vitamin taking. But hey, anything that helps I’m all for. Thanks for this post!

    • Amy

      @veflexra Thanks a mil :)

  • Ciara

    My mams always telling me to ‘put your face up to the sun to get some vitamin d’
    but read somewhere that the sun in ireland doesnt give you vitamin d or its not strong enough until after may every year.
    also, is it supposed to be 10mins of sunlight without suncream?

    • Amy

      @Ciara Good point, forgot to mention that. It’s without suncream or just uva block. Think it’s UVB that has the vitamin D. Alot of suncreams seen to only protect from UVA anyways, frickin crazy!

  • Beccy

    ive been struggling with mild acne for ages, so i might start doing some more sunbathing :)

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