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Acne help – EMC2

I was sent a tub of acne cream called EMC2 a few months back. It sat in my skincare drawer for a number of weeks. To be honest I had forgotten about it.

Then the breakout from hell hit. Sore, cystic acne under my jaw (thank you hormones!) and on my chin. It was so painful. My usual approach – germoline and skin clearing wash completely failed me this time round. It was probably too much to expect from an over the counter antiseptic cream anyway.

So I searched the drawer for any potential acne solutions. I picked up the tub of EMC2 for sensitive skin (they also sell a stronger one for skin that is not sensitive) and start applying every night. I was afraid to apply it in the morning and evening in case my skin over reacted to the ingredients, which it usually does.

Here are a few things I noted:

  • The packaging is very simple
  • It’s aloe vera based so it’s soothes irritated skin and I have to say it brought down redness and swelling over night
  • It smells mildly of essential oils
  • A little goes a really long way
  • It didn’t clog my pores
  • It cleared my skin in 4 days
  • It didn’t cause any dryness or irritation
  • It feels like a light cream with Jojoba oil. It has a trademarked EMC oil listed in the ingredients but I suspect that Jojoba is involved somehow. It’s great for acne sufferers since it mimics the skins natural oils and helps reduce oil production.

This has worked a charm for me. So much so that I am using it every second night for maintenance. I’m afraid to try the full strength but I shall happily stick to the sensitive skin version. My skin looks clear and calm so basically my friggin’ delighted with myself.

It costs €12 from their website. They ship worldwide as far as I know. I heard that they recently changed the formula and I have the new version. I hope they don’t reformulate again.

Remember that there are many different causes of acne and breakouts. What works for one might not work for another. Sure that’s why I’ve tried every acne cream out there. Often when I find one that works it clears my skin for a while and then I seem to become resistant to it. Fingers crossed that this one works for life! I’ll keep you posted on any changes.

What do you use for treating acne or breakouts?

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  • Sophia

    What do you recommend for acne sufferers who are experiencing scarring? I’ve followed all of the advice on dealing with acne and I use benzoyl peroxide products, but I’m still getting breakouts that are starting to scar my skin. It’s causing me a lot of emotional distress, so I’m considering medication as a last resort. I’m not fond of the idea of antibiotics, but I don’t want my face to be disfigured for the rest of my life.

  • Jessia Ellworths

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  • Brid

    Hi, I use a zinc cream mixed with tea tree. reduces the redness

    • Amy

      Great tip Brid!

  • mariga

    Just re-read my post. When I say ‘it’ is used as a first line of action, I meant benzoyl peroxide in general, not this product in particular. Sorry if that was confusing! M.

    • Amy

      Thanks Mariga. You’re very diligent :)

  • Etienne

    It’s so cheap!! As I was reading I got the impression that it would be very expensive. I have to try something new. My usual products aren’t working. Etienne x

    • Amy

      I was a little taken back by the price too. Good deal!!

  • Michelle

    I’ve read a little about this on blogs before, people seem to like it! Thanks for such an honest review!! xxx

    • Amy

      Your very welcome Michelle :)

  • Elaine

    I’ve never heard of this stuff so thanks for sharing. My sister has bad acne but doesn’t want to resort to antibiotics.

    • Amy

      Antibiotics are a dangerous road to take alright. She’s eight to be cautious. Liver damage at the expense of acne reduction isn’t my cup of tea. Irish doctors don’t exactly have a reputation for staying on top of the liver checks!

  • mariga

    Ooh no Amy! Step away from the jar!
    Did you get sent this from an American company? It is used regularly in the US as a first line of action for acne but I believe this will change.

    EMC2 contains benzoyl peroxide.
    Benzoyl peroxide does work because it kills acne bacteria, but also other bacteria plus your skin cells. In the long term, this very strong oxidant may lead to DNA mutations and worse, but even if you don’t worry about cancer, you still have to worry about skin aging.

    Read more here:

    • Amy

      Thanks for that Mariga. Unfortunately when I have a major acne flare up (more than a breakout I mean) the only thing that clears it is benzoyl peroxide. I never looked into the side effects of it. Thanks for highlighting this, I need to do some research now :)

    • Jenna

      @ Mariga,

      That used to be a conern of mine too, but digging deeper into the issue and current research has put me at ease. That article is outdated…. its referencing statements made over 10 years ago when benzoyl peroxide was still not fully tested and the FDA didn’t want to make any sure claims yet. The DNA mutation only happened in mice and only when exposed to extremely high levels (amounts that NEVER EVER even come close to the products you see on shelves). Also, humans have a repair mechanism that prevents any DNA mutation that can be caused by benzyol peroxide which mice lack.

      Also, after finalizing tests, the FDA moved benzyol peroxide has been moved from Category III back to Category I (which means it is safe). I am a bio major and if you have studied the history of the FDA they are VERY cautious now when it comes to these things since one mistake in scheduling a unsafe substance as safe can lead to disastrous results for the public.

      Current info:

      • mariga

        Hi Jenna,
        Thanks so much for your input on this controversial subject. One of the reasons I LOVE the FDA is their history of caution. It was good to read the info on your link about the reclassification, however I will still be staying away from BP as I don’t like any oxidant near the skin. I know, it works in the short term to kill the P. Acnes bacteria, but what of the ageing and sensitising effects? Solving one problem to perhaps cause another one down the line is not best practice in my opinion.
        I see so many people in my clinic that have damaged skin due to their own mistakes (years of over exfoliation, sun-bathing, unnecessary harsh treatments) and each and every one of them would give anything to turn back the clock and be better informed from the beginning.
        On a positive note, there are other formulas that can help, at the moment I’m sworn to secrecy but watch this space!
        Amy, apologies for hijacking your thread. x

        • Amy

          Not at all, important info should be shared :) Thanks ladies x

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