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Airport Lipstick Buy: MAC Snob

I picked up ‘Snob’ at the MAC counter in Dublin airport the other day (I always treat myself to a lipstick in the airport).

For this picture I dabbed a little of Snob over concealed lips and added a thin coat of clear gloss (Bourjois). Applied straight from the tube it looked quite harsh. It looked very chalky with the flash on. Here is a link to how it looks layered on thickly alone using flash.

I’m all for pink lipstick. The right shade can lift  your face, and your mood. It can be quite difficult to find a shade that does all the right things for you. Take MAC Angel for example, it works great on me in the Winter but looks cheap and tacky on me in the Summer.

Snob is a satin finish lipstick. I applied it today without base or gloss to see how long it would last. It didn’t last very long at all.

It’s a cool toned, mauvy pink. It reminds me a little of Revlon Pink Pout, not an exact dupe or anything, but similar effect. To be quite honest it doesn’t look good on me at all, it’s a little chalky and too cool toned for my complexion. I prefer Colour Crafted and Angel. It may work a little better on me during the Winter so I’ll keep you posted.

What is your favourite pink lipstick? What are your thoughts on Snob?

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  • Reme

    P.S. my current favorite pink lipstick is Rosy Shimmer by Elizabeth Arden

  • Reme

    I’ve no Mac lipsticks on the go at the moment so will treat myself to one at Dublin airport tomorrow. Based on this review I think I’ll go for Angel (which I’ve tried before and liked) as I’m too pale to carry off Snob, or do Mac have any other pinky nude shade you’d recommend?

  • Erica (madameir)

    Love snob! Just bought Viva Glam Gaga though! Definately a face brightener and it puts me in such a good humour! It’s love! Going to buy a few of these! My other fav pink is a completely different family a midtone/deep glossy from Benefit called Jing-a-Ling!

  • karen

    i love snob, it was the first thing i ever bought from mac, but i’m quite pale and have darker hair so maybe thats why it works a bit better, it can still look quite chalky at times though! :)

  • MakeupManiac123

    Wow it looks gorgeous on the picture above but so scary with the flash :o
    I love pinky nudes but I’m only starting off with mac & don’t know what one to try! My super pale irish skin & fair hair makes it hard to judge when all the makeup gurus on youtube have darker skin! PLEASE HELP!

  • http://misswhitemilkyway.com misswhitemilkyway

    I doesn’t look good on me either! :)

  • http://www.maycup.com Sally

    Awesome review

  • http://blogger.com/cosmeticsmile-x nicola-x

    this looks lovely!

  • https://twitter.com/lorrs27 lorraine

    My fave at the moment is the lady gaga viva glam. although i do like a bit of saint germain. not too sure id be keen on snob, as never tried mauve before.i have angel too but i find it hard to work with. ive rececently become a mac addict!! haha its terrible :-)

  • http://productrater.blogspot.com/ Justine

    I think it’s neat that you’ve got MAC at the airport, I have never seen it in airports in Toronto or the US….

  • http://essjay23x.blogspot.com Essjay23x

    Snob is my lipstick love! I love it but even I have to admit, it is not the easiest lipstick to wear. I have been going on and on about this lately but have you tried creme de la femme? It reminds me a little of Snob but is darker and maybe a bit more wearable. I had never really heard of ccdf until I got it but I use it quite a lot.

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