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All Natural Beauty Experiment – An Update

This is week 3 of my ban on chemical laden bath and body products. I am feeling quite proud of myself this evening :) I have not caved once! The reason for this is that I have quite simply made my own products from scratch. Now I know what’s going in my hair, bath and on my skin. I am happy with that. The best part is, bye bye rash at the back of my arms, hello smooth nourished skin. I am quite chuffed with myself. I just made them for my own use. And here they are..




I used organic products, all natural, no chemical or presenvatives. The bit I enjoyed the most was choosing essential oils for my skin type. I thoroughly enjoyed myeself.

I loved the effects so much that I passed some on to my friends and I was delighted to hear that they loved them.

Yay! I’m off to make myself some more :)

Does anyone else have any crafty hobbies?

Amy x

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