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All Natural Beauty Experiment – An Update

This is week 3 of my ban on chemical laden bath and body products. I am feeling quite proud of myself this evening :) I have not caved once! The reason for this is that I have quite simply made my own products from scratch. Now I know what’s going in my hair, bath and on my skin. I am happy with that. The best part is, bye bye rash at the back of my arms, hello smooth nourished skin. I am quite chuffed with myself. I just made them for my own use. And here they are..




I used organic products, all natural, no chemical or presenvatives. The bit I enjoyed the most was choosing essential oils for my skin type. I thoroughly enjoyed myeself.

I loved the effects so much that I passed some on to my friends and I was delighted to hear that they loved them.

Yay! I’m off to make myself some more :)

Does anyone else have any crafty hobbies?

Amy x

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  • Trista

    Your soaps look so cute!!! I just started the whole process!!!! What process do you do?! Interested in sharing tips and tricks!

  • Marina(Makeup4all)

    They look wonderful! And thank you very much for sending me one xo

  • Cynthia

    These are gorgeous! Can you point me in the direction of a place to get info on making these for myself? I have those awful bumps on my arms too!

  • BarbiesGlitter

    hey Amy those look lovely!
    would you be able to do a youtube video showing us how to make them, i would love to try it out myself (:
    thanks xx

  • Tami

    Hey hun! you should check out my channel
    I make soaps as well. I will have pictures up soon!!

  • Joanna

    Wow! Girl, you have a gift:)

    • Amy

      Lol I wouldn’t call it that :) It’s a testament to how far a girl will go for smooth skin haha

  • Lorien

    Ps. How do I follow you? I cant find the button lol x

  • Lorien

    WOW they look lovely!!! They remind me of products from Lush… How did you make them? Could you post recipes? Like how did you come across these ideas?? Id love to give them a try.. x

  • Pasiphae

    These soaps look so cute and I’m sure they smell great too. I like making things too, jewellry, clothing alterations or whatever catches my eye. As soon as I use up all my body and hair products I’ll try to make my own and see how that works…

  • desiiGirl87

    omg they look like you bought them from the shop!
    please upload a tutorial for it!

  • Cat

    These look amazing! Can you do a ‘how to’ video – would love to make some for myself! X

  • Taylor

    Can you tell us how you made these?

  • Stephanie

    They look amazing!! Bet they smell gorgeous too :) How did you make them? Did you fine some kind of soap tutorial/instructions online? Very tempted to try this myself hehe.. xx

  • shalyafzan

    hi amy,
    how do u know wut is good for ur skin ?
    i love all the natural thing..
    but i’m not as hardworking as u..

    maybe u can ebay it..
    so i can try ur product as well..


  • Albiona

    can you please make a video on how you make them i would love to make one they all look really cool =]

  • Lelinh

    wow they look amazing! I really love making things from scratch but haven’t done so in ages. I use to make my own clothing and beauty products such as masks and scrubs. Are you going to do a tutorial on these soaps? They look so good! :)

  • Daiva

    Wow… How did you do that? Make a tutorial or just explain step by step :) Please :) I have a very problematic chest and back skin :( So I would love to hear some tips! :)

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