Alvin & Poppy’s Christmas Makeover

Alvin and Poppy went the dog groomers this morning (Madra Magic). When I picked them up the groomer brought them out with little Christmas bows in their hair. Don’t they look festive!

If you’re wondering why I look a mess, it’s Sunday and I decided to give makeup a miss. My skin needs a break.

Off to wrap presents and make more soap :) Have you any nice plans this Sunday?

Amy x

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  • Charlotte

    AWE I think your pups are just too cute for words and festive looking! Adorable. You look great fresh faced! I think you have a natural glow that I’m very envious of. I look like a sickly person without make up. But it doesn’t stop me from going out in public. Sometimes you just gotta let your face breath. :)

  • nicole

    they are precious !

  • Elle

    Aww your dogs are so cute. What breed are they?

    • Amy

      They’re Yorkshire Terriers :)

  • mary

    awww your doggies look sooo cute!

  • stacey

    omg they look SO cute! :) you actually look very nice with no mak up tbh! :) emm…nope i just stayed at home all day and wrote on my blog nothing to exiting!

  • bonnie

    So cute. Thank you for sharing you’re little ones!! Love them.

  • Sadhbh

    oh how cute!
    i don’t usualy wear make-up on sundays either…my skin really does need a break from all the slap i put on during the week haha

  • kelly Callen

    Hi there,
    Not sure whether you got my message yesterday about packages for your video make-up lessons.

  • Sarah

    Aw they are so cute, I have cats and they are not much for liking grooming. lol. to make matters worse 3 of them are white and one of them loves the coal bunker.

  • Kirsten

    Adorable! I might try to rock that look for Christmas too :-)

    I wish my dogs would tolerate grooming..unfortunately, they fancy themselves outside, get very dirty, don’t come near me with shampoo, dogs.

  • Ieva

    Oh, they look so so cute :)

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