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Good Hair Habits

After losing so much hair earlier this year, hair is a bit of a sensitive subject for me. I have found myself gravitating towards hair care articles online and in magazines. I have read through miles of rubbish but these are some good hair habits tips that I have come across over the years:

1. Relax. Stress and worry can lead to hair loss, I am a testament to this one. I was so stressed and anxious that I lost a third of my hair (which is starting to grow back now). When I feel anxiety taking hold I go for a walk in the park or I paint. Find what it is that takes your mind of things and enjoy some relaxation. I’d be lying if I said that I ever switch off completely but walking in a wooded area calms me. Somehow being around nature puts things in perspective.

2. Use cold water: Rinse shampoo and conditioner with cool water to enhance shine, preserve hair colour and tighten the cuticle.

3. Cover up: On holiday cover your hair with a hat to protect your hair colour from fading or bleaching.

4. Rinse chlorine: Avoid chlorinated water, it affects hair health and hair colour. If you do get chlorine in your hair rinse with water after you get out of the pool. Those with highlights and artifial blondes should be very careful, I always see blondes with a green tinge to their hair lying around the pool on holiday. (if that happens use ketchup to neutralise)

5. Trim: Get a little trim every 6 to 8 weeks, even if your growing your hair. This keeps split ends, frizz and breakage at bay.

6. Minimize heat: Hair fries unfortunately. Use the lowest setting on your hair tools that you can get away with and try wait until your hair is 75% dry before you apply any heat.

7. Diet: Eat a balanced diet rich in minerals, vitamins and protein. Flax seed oil is great for hair health. Ensure you have plenty of biotin, iron, iodine, vitamin B12 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

8. Sun Filter: Use a sun filter spray to protect hair from over drying in the sun. These sprays also protect your colour. I never go away without sun filter spray, I particularly like Lee Stafford, Redken and Avon.

What are your hair tips?

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  • hicalcium

    Hi, The nice article sites just found your site on with bing helped me a lot! I really like the info, thank you.

  • staciaangel

    One thing that really helps if you swim a lot is to wet your hair immediately before you swim. This way the hair has already soaked up clean water & less chlorine or salt can soak in. You can also massage in a conditioner after wetting and before swimming for extra protection.

  • Niamh

    Hey Amy, Lovin’ the blogs and vids, but i need some help! (

    My friends recently bought real hair extensions. However, the ends were very scraggy and dead looking, so she trimmed them..Now they look dead and scraggy again..What can i do to sort them out for her?..And is it ok to use hair masks on hair extensions?


    • Amy

      @Niamh Hi Niamh. Because they’re real hair they get damaged like real hair does during styling etc. I would use a hair balm or oil on the ends to protect the ends and keep them in good condition. You can treat hair extensions made with 100% real human hair like your treat your own x

  • kat

    Hi Amy, i am taking a supplement called Head High…i got it at Holland & Barrett – my hairdresser convinced me to try it as my hair seems to be thin recently. Its been a few weeks and i see a difference already. Yay!!!

  • Tricia

    Amy–love your blog. I cannot say enough about Moroccan Oil–I use a dime size amount on my hair after shampooing and conditioning–it really helps keep the ends in shape and makes my hair soft and shiny-but I can still style it. I think pre-natal vitamins help as well. I am just a baby blogger, but I laughed when I saw this post because I just did a hair post too!

  • Laura J

    Great article Amy, I have been growing my hair for a while, I agree its important to get regular haircuts I never used to do this but over the past 6 months I have been getting my hair cut more often and its grown alot more. I also love to use Aussie 3 min miracle deep conditioning treatment once a week.

  • Georgie

    Great post and tips! I’m loving my Tangle Teezer at the moment, really does get rid of my tangles like nothing else!


  • Lex

    One of the best things I’ve used for hair, skin, & nails is Citracal (or any other calcium supplement with vitamin D). Cleared up my skin and made it feel super soft, made my hair stronger and very soft and shiny :).

  • ciara

    Normally i would wash my hair at night, dry it at night and then in the morning i would straighten it and wear it down for school. i would straighten it about three times a week.
    but lately i have been washing my hair, plaiting it, going to sleep with it wet and getting up and its lovely and wavy.
    i have got so many compliments, and it allows me to cut out the hair dryer and the straightener!
    the only thing is i heard going to sleep with wet hair is bad for you! im going to google that now :L

  • Kaitlin

    Hey Amy great tips! The one tip I have is that I use a intense leave in conditioner(Treseme Heat Protection Leave in conditioner is the one I use) once a week. It is to repair the hair with all the styling products and such(blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons etc). It helps to boost my hair so that I can restore it after a long week of styling! Thanks for the post!! xo

  • Essjay23x

    Very interesting post. I have heard some of these things before but to see them in one place is very useful. You’re so right about nature giving things some perspective too!!

  • snazzy

    Just looking at my comment there and I can’t believe how long it is!! lol Sorry about the essay!

  • snazzy

    Hi Amy. I too have lost a lot of my hair over the last few years due to stress and bleaching my hair, using a ghd every day and not having a great diet probably added to the problem. More recently I have been trying to sort myself out and using a head massager and I find my hair has stopped thinning and thickened up very slightly. My hair got so thin that my ears were clearly visible when my hair was left down and a ponytail looked even worse because it was about the width of a 20cent. Originally my hair was really thick. I felt so embarrassed and paranoid which was made worse by the fact that everyone started commenting on it. Anyway it has started to improve and I’m going to take viviscal, which was recommended to me. It’s made with natural ingredients, the main one is “AminoMar C marine complex that provides the essential proteins needed to nourish thinning hair and encourage existing hair growth”. I just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else wants to give it a try too. It’s expensive though at €60 a month but hopefully worth the money! :) I’ll let you know if I notice a difference after taking it for a while.
    I have to say I think the head massager played the main role in stopping my hair falling out coz it was after I started using it I noticed the difference and I was still fairly stressed and had a really bad diet at the time. The one I got is an octopus shaped metal thing and it comes with an attachable motor. I use it without the motor and it feels sooooooo good but using the motor would probably give better results. It increases circulation and stimulates hair follicles so if used while taking vitamin supplements or adding the vitamins listed above to your diet you’re working on the problem from the inside and outside so there’s twice the chance your hair will improve………or maybe it’ll improve twice as fast!! If anyone is interested in getting one the one I got is called a “massager for head and joints” (there’s another bit included for massaging the joints). I got it in a chinese shop in the Ilac centre near the moore street exit and it cost €11.95. They’re probably available in loads of shops though. It’s definitely worth getting one to stop thinning hair in my opinion. I hope this helps anyone in the same boat as me :)

  • Ashley

    Hey Amy, I’m liking this blog post!! I have had issues with my hair for 3 years now… I never went religiously to the same colorist before and because of this my hair has been over coulourd…I’m naturally brown but I have been blonde for 4 years…It’s so broken. I haven’t used a straigtener since 2007 and I just blow dry it…It is REALLY bad though :( I went to Toni & Guy the last time and I like the colorist there, I think she might be able to help me; I have been using Redken Real Control Treatment…could you recommend anything else? Even vitamin supplements? I will do or pay anything at this stage. A lot of people suggest I dye it brown but I really don’t like it brown at all….really doesn’t suit me…The colorist in Toni & Guy said that it’s not going to fix it anyway. By the way I’m addicted to your site!! Love it!

  • Kerry

    Great tips Amy! I always try to rinse my hair with cold, because it really does make a difference! Also, rinsing your hair with beer is good for it, it makes it super shiny!

  • beaniesmalls1

    amy, my friend Garrett, during a horrible relationship with a crazy girl, lost his hair as well…in these horrible patches. he’s a guy who has short hair but it was ridiculously thick…he would have bald patches so he had to shave his head. thankfully, when he ditched her his hair grew back and its better than ever…and so is his new fiance! :) thanks for sharing!

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