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Avon Haulage…

I am always asked about Avon products and I never have a whole lot to say. I have thoughts on a few of their products but not enough really. I decided to pick up a few items from a recent brochure to remedy that…


I bought:

  • True Colour Blush – Soft Plum
  • Extra Lasting Plump & Stay Lip Gloss – Plump Peach
  • Super Extend Mascara Accent Eyes – for Blue Eyes
  • Color Trend Nail Polish – Lovely Lilac
  • Speed Dry Nail Polish – Twilight Blue
  • Extra Lasting Eye Liner – Black








I actually quite enjoyed choosing what I wanted from the catalogue. I also bought the products on offer rather than full priced items – I’m sure that’s what most of you do.

So far, so good. I absolutely love the Plum blush! And the gloss is also very long-lasting – full reviews to follow. I’m curious about the accent mascara, which I can’t test yet thanks to a gross dose of conjunctivitis. They come in different shades for each eye colour.

Any thoughts on Avon?

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  • Martina

    I have both of those nail varnishes :) Good taste & all that haha. Nice to see some avon up there. It’s something I buy from regularly so it’s good to see you reviewing products x

    • Amy

      I’ll keep them coming Martina – another excuse to shop :)


    Yes – I go through phases, i quite like their products, but not the waiting a week to get them, and i kinda fell out with the last avon lady as well as she made a balls of the order!! I also have the same blush, love it – but had to learn to be light handed with it. I am wearing their mascara today – not that one, one in a greeny tube that’s great, the brush is FAB, and i use their face creams – they are all good. I have the polishes and like them, and i find they don’t last any less than some of their more expensive counter parts. the best thing i ever bought from avon was for my boyfriend, he has really stinky feet – and their foot deodorant is a GODSEND!

    • Amy

      Ha ha so buying that for the man in my life!!! I think the mascara you’re talking about is supershock? Love it! You’re right about the nail polishes – same as any other.

  • Cali

    Adore plum blush! Must try

    • Amy

      It’s gorgeous Cali. A little goes a long way though

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