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An Update on Calavera Bath Ballistic by Lush

The other day I posted about Lush’s Halloween collection ‘Day of the Dead’ which is inspired by Mexican traditions. I thought I would post a little update on one of the products that I have been particularly enjoying.

The product in question is Calavera Bath Ballistic.

The ballistic is huge and at €3.80 a pop it seemed a waste to throw the entire thing in the bath at the same time – I was tempted though. Instead I crushed a chunk off an popped it in my bath. I kept the rest wrapped in cling film for the next use.

I have to say that the best thing about this bath ballistic is the scent. My entire house smelled like heaven for the time this little guy sat waiting to be used.

It left my skin feeling quite soft and wasn’t drying, which was a concern. It also has some bubble bar mixed in with it so it leaves a cool trail of colourful bubbles while it whizzes around the bath.

When it comes to colours in my bath products I am generally a fan of subtlety. For example a bright fuchsia bath bomb which sprouts confetti and glitter all over your bath tub is not my idea of pretty. But this bath ballistic is gorgeous with a gentle nod towards fun.

I will definitely be buying another one –  I’m assuming they won’t be around for long since the are inspired by Day of the Dead, I could be wrong though!

I’ll be back around before lunch time with some Nars! :) Mmmmm….Nars…

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