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Argan Skin Care AR457

When I heard that Kylie Minogue and make-up artist Karen Adler were raving about Argan457 Metaserum I needed to check them out. For those of you who haven’t heard of the brand basically it’s all about top notch Argan oil products.

I have been using the Long Lasting Eye Contour and Elixir Metaserum. The Elixir Metaserum is designed to correct extreme dryness by moisturizing deeply and protecting the skin from free radicals. It also has anti-ageing, restructuring and rejuvenating effects whilst giving firmness and elasticity back to the skin. It also contains something called Delta 7 sterols (phytosterol) which inhibit the factors that cause skin problems such as acnea and hyperseborhea. The Eye Contour gradually rejuvenates the area around the eyes whilst stimulating and revitalising the skin.

A note on packaging, it’s fantastic. I don’t know what it is about products in test-tube like vials, they make me feel like they could work wonders. One pump of the eye cream was plenty but I needed two pumps of the Metaserum to cover my face and neck. Although it’s an oil it absorbed into my skin quite quickly so I needed to work fast to spread it.

The eye cream doesn’t feel oily at all. It didn’t irritate my eyes or skin. Some eye creams block my pores and make my eyes sting so this was a delight to use. I definitely look more rested.

The Metaserum is beautiful. It feels so luxurious on the skin and contains rare, highly concentrated active ingredients. It’s worth noting that because this is an oil based product, it is a little well, oily. That being said oil based products can work on normal to oily skins too. I have an oily t-zone and have had no problems with breakouts. In fact I haven’t had so much as a blemish since I started using it. Don’t ask me how but the pores on my nose are significantly smaller.

A 20 day course is recommended, applying morning and at night to experience optimum results and recreate the skin’s  equilibrium. It’s a good job because the price will bring tears to your eyes – €76 for the Eye Contour and €88 for the Elixir.It at least lessens the sting when they recommend a 20 day course rather than permanent everyday use. I’d need to re-mortgage the house if it was a monthly purchase. For now I would repurchase the Eixir having seen the effects on my skin and use it for the required time and then go back to my ordinary skin care until it was necessary again. The eye cream is also fab. I spend so much money on high-end creams and I have rarely found one that has shown any improvement. This one works for me.

I was also sent a few samples of the mask and scrub. I gave myself a little DIY facial last night to test them out. My skin looks great today – pores are clear, clarity improved, dead skin removed and I look fresh (well needed this morning). I may invest in these in the future. I’ll have to start a little money box!

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