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My thoughts on Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup SPF15

Foundation review time!

I have been trying out Avon Anew Age Transforming Compact Makeup SPF15, wow what a mouthful. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Avon products. This one was a gift from my aunt last year. It has stayed in the bottom of my makeup drawer but last week I decided it was time to give it some life.

This is a silicone based compact foundation. I generally don’t like compact foundations but I tried to be as unbiased as possible. One great things about this product is that it offers protection from UVA rays thanks to Titanium Dioxide. The downside to this ingredient is of course that it can look a little pasty when exposed to flash photography. Right away that makes this a no no for a bride.

It feels quite greasy when first applied but it’s smooth and easy to blend. It sets to a satin finish, no grease. It’s a little powdery to the touch but didn’t actually look powdery on the skin. It provided a light coverage which didn’t last very long on my normal to combination skin.I tried a little on an older client to see if the foundation seeped into wrinkles and pores. It didn’t thanks to the silicone.

This product also contains a retinol blend. I wouldn’t get too excited about this, the levels are more than likely ridiculously low (to avoid skin reactions in customers) and even at that the tiny dose of retinol could be affected by it’s exposure to light and oxygen.

This foundation would be a good option if you..

  • have dry or mature skin
  • like light coverage
  • need UVA protection in your foundation
  • like compact foundations

For me, I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down. In fact every Avon foundation I have tried, admittedly a few years ago, left me disappointed.

What are your thoughts on Avon foundations and their make-up in general?

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  • madalina

    i use the natural shade spf 10 foundation from avin and i think its great, one of the best foundations i ever used. i also use the arabian glow bronzing perals and the supershock mascara ( brilliant) i love avon i have a few fragances from avon and the eyeshadow quads are lovely too. the advance techniques are great i use the daily shine 2 in 1

  • Thea

    Avon skin products have no effect(i am talking about the products like daily peeling products or produtcs for dark spots and other deffects.)Avon nail polish is really thick , but I put acetone in it and it is really great then.Avon lip glosses are good,but lipsticks end vey fast , idk about the mascara , I don”t really use , but foundations are horribile ! The powder is too dry and it doesn”t last….Avon is weird, is you know , like you buy something , you regret , you buy another thing from them and that is good , and no one can give you a real advice of what should you buy and what not.Every Avon product is different,better or worse,so it”s full of surprises and money wasting.Better try to find a real brand , cause Avon is not „mature” yet….

  • sharon

    the new lash transforming mascara and serum is great and doesnt irritate my eyes at all ! not fussed about their fragrances they never do a green or citrisy one
    i hate how they discontine things so quickly i hope they dont the new anew mascara cos i love it

  • laetitiae

    well, yes…i think that Avon lip products are okay (good range of colours and a reasonable price)…I have some pretty nice nude shades lipsticks, but I don’t think I would ever buy any of their foundations, they all break me out :(

  • Llora

    I cannot wear any Avon makeup, except their lip products. Everything else I have ever tried has caused severe breakouts – including on my eyes – Ouch!

  • x Joelene x

    I went through an Avon obsession a few years back (I tend to get a bit addicted to catalogue shopping…okay any shopping). The rush of getting a big bag of goodies delivered to your door was great but to be honest none of the makeup I got was any good. I’ve got makeup, nail polish and hair products…the Advance techiques hair stuff was good but the makup and polishes were a complete waste of money for me. :-(

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