• http://www.youtube.com/detailoring Kayla (detailoring)

    I almost picked up one of the Barbie Loves Stila kits…. I ended up getting a Stila pallet instead. When it gets here, I hope the swatches are as gorgeous as the ones you’re showing here!

  • Bonnie

    those are all such beautiful colours. can’t wait to see what you come up with for looks. please share with us :) that barbie pallet is so neat…love how you use the 3 colours together AND mix and much all 12 colours. have fun Amy!

  • shalyafzan

    thanx a lot..

    the colours are nice too..

  • http://tinkerbellsbff.blogspot.com/ Marie

    Thanks for this(:
    There are some really beautiful colours there.
    I especially love the blue and purple.

    Stay beautiful,
    Tinkerbells Bff x

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