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Bargain Find #1 – the €1 Dazzleglass

I have come across two great finds this week. Thought I’d share!

Find #1

I picked up a very cheap gloss today that reminded me of a MAC Dazzleglass. This rather surprising find came from Penneys / Primark.


It’s called Gilt and it’s a shimmery, sheer gloss with gold iridescent particles. Sounds gaudy right! When I swatched the gloss on my hand it looked very pretty. I have layered it on quite thick for the swatch. It’s not something I would wear all over my lips but rather useful for a dab of poutiness in the centre of my lips.



It  also reminded me of MAC’s Dazzleglass in Goldie Rocks. Then I saw the €1 price tag. Yes please, I’ll have two thank you very much. I think they are usually €3 but are reduced at the moment, they may be Christmas stock so get in there quick if you’re interested. I should point out that this is by no means a dupe for goldie rocks but it does have a very similar effect on the lips – that works for me!

I have tried glosses from Penneys before and have completely unimpressed, this one is a different formulation and finish to the ones I have tried before.

It smells and tastes like a stick of rock (the edible kind!). It also tingles like a lip plumper but doesn’t sting.

If you like shimmer free glosses then you should definitely pass on this one. But if like me you are a fan of MAC’s Dazzleglasses or you would like to try one but can’t part with the cash, then this gloss may be for you!

I love a good make-up bargain. It reminded me of my over-reliance on Claire’s Accessory shimmer glosses in 2009; no matte how many fancy ones I bought I kept reaching with the peach and pink cheapies. They just did the job.

I’ll be back in a little while with my second find!

Have you come across any good finds in the sales?

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  • Skye

    Ohh! I thought Penney’s was some kind of some that was only in Ireland when you talked about it in videos, but it’s primark!

  • Caitlin

    Wow that looks really nice :)
    It looks a lot like the H&M lipgloss ‘I am Innocent’ I got it as a present so i’m not sure how much it was but they look very similar :)

  • mariga

    I’ve been hearing a few good things about Penney’s make up lately, especially the brow kit. My local branch don’t carry the make up range unfortunately. :(

  • Cassie

    Ooh looks tempting! I’ve never tried Mac’s Dazzleglass since I love their lipsticks so much and prefer to save a few £££ whilst purchasing a much preferred product.

    Interesting post though – would love to read more about Primark makeup. The cheapo price simply puts me off from making a purchase, but I’ve recently discovered a few very nice lipglosses from Tesco as part of my X-mas pressie set and was rather impressed. I’m trying desperately not to become a makeup snob since I’m sure there are plenty of gems out there, ELF being a primary one. So I look forward to reading more finds!

    However, I think I’ll still prefer more expensive versions, if only purely for the psychological decadence/indulgence factor.

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