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Bath & Body Products Experiment

shampoosIt is November, it is cold, it is dark…it is bath month. Let me explain before you decide that I’m crazy :) I have noticed a pattern in my bathing habits over the last 10 years or so. For most of the year I shower each morning but at this time of the year I have more baths. I’m not entirely sure why this is but my November in my ‘bath month’. I expect it’s a comfort thing.

Anyway, I was having a bath this afternoon and I found myself reading the ingredients at the back of shampoo and bubble bath bottles (as you do). I was alarmed by the number of ingredients in the products in my bathroom. One shower gel had 22 ingredients, most of which I could not pronounce. It may be quite ignorant of me not to have paid attention to this before but I am turning over a new leaf.


In a bid to reduce the amount of chemicals entering my bloodstream I am embarking on an experiment. For one week I am going to ban chemical filled bath,bady and hair products. I realise that there are chemicals in many things in my home but I am attempting to tackle one thing at a time.

During this week I will only use 100% natural ingredients found in my home to create bath and body products. I love a project, fun! I won’t be buying any Lush products either, their soaps make my skin unbearably dry.

I will keep you updated on my progress and any changes I notice with my dry, sensitive skin.

Amy au naturale style :)

Amy x


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  • Clip in Human Hair Pieces

    This is nice blog

    • Amy

      @Clip in Human Hair Pieces Thank you

  • Bath foam

    This sounds really interesting, will be great to find out how you get on!

  • Kitty

    Oh wow thats a impressive challenge you have set yourself!! Sugar and olive oil is a good sub for exfoliator and lemons are good for washing blonde hair with (lemon juice though not the actually lemons obv xD) What about tooth paste though D:

  • Grey

    Use dead sea salts! They’re great for your skin.

  • Lisa

    Great idea! Let us know of what products you come up with so we may all be able to use 100% natural products! ^-^

  • Anna

    Hi Amy, that reminded me of an article in the guardian a few weeks ago about making your own cosmetics. it might be worth taking a look at x

  • Fee

    Ugh. I haaatttee lush.

    Not only do every single one of the products i have tried bring my ezema out, or react in someway to my skin, they now associate themselves with anti-foxhunting groups. Im not one for or against hunting, but i do not agree with the support of this group because of the reputation they have to the huntsmen and their horses. It disgusts me. So please girlys, even if your really anti hunt, dont buy lush. Horses are harmless in hunting and they do not deserve to be hurt.

    *rant over* lol. on the other news, i love your idea amy, do you recommend any good 100% soaps?? i would love to try some.

  • Ren

    Hi Amy, maybe you should try out the Jason range of beauty products? I’ve tried their shower gels before and they’re very nice and don’t contain any of the chemical nasties you get in most products. Think they stock them in Melt in temple bar and the nourish shops. Good luck!

  • Selina

    OMG! That would explain everything!! My skin’s been really really dry lately, and now I’m thinking Lush has to do with it. =(


  • Dana

    Please enter me for the Amber Rose competition. I live in the U.S. and cant get this color!

  • Beth

    Sounds like a great plan and an extremely valid excuse for a Lush haul!


    • Amy

      I’m afraid I steering clear of Lush soaps, they dry out my skin so much :(

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