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Beach Hair: John Masters Organics Sea Mist

I was interested in the John Masters Sea Mist spray with lavender after seeing Laura aka Lollipop26 use it in a wavy hair tutorial. It’s hard to find a good texturising spray that doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or greasy. This range is certified USDA Organic.

I looked around and couldn’t find it on sale anywhere. I eventually bought it on Amazon for £14 (& £2.35 shipping). I bought the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for €22 six months previous to that so I decided that this was a good deal…ah the twisted reasoning of a beauty product junkie.

I love beach hair. Sexy, dishelleved locks is something I often lust after but it’s hard to achieve with poker straight hair. I have tried so many texturising and sea salt sprays but didn’t love any of them. Here’s my take on the John Masters spray:

The good

  • Adds matte texture
  • Makes my straight hair wave a little
  • Smells lovely
  • It’s organic (no sls and other ingredients that dry hair out)
  • Great for giving your hair ‘the day after a wash’ look when it’s freshly washed
  • Takes down flyaways
  • Maintains volume

The bad

  • If you spray too much it can leave your hair a little crunchy. Less is more with this one.
  • The nature of salt is drying, too much of this spray and you’ll notice that about your hair
  • Not portable (although you could buy a mini empty spray bottle from Boots and fill it up)
  • Tastes yuck, yes I know, I know, it’s not for drinking Amy. Got in my mouth my accident
  • Expensive
  • My hair is hard to work with the day after use so I need to wear the same style again

This isn’t a must have product but it is one I would buy again. I don’t go for beach waves everyday so this is a product I use only two days a week and it’s lasting me ages.

Do you use texturising sprays?

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