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Beach Hair: John Masters Organics Sea Mist

I was interested in the John Masters Sea Mist spray with lavender after seeing Laura aka Lollipop26 use it in a wavy hair tutorial. It’s hard to find a good texturising spray that doesn’t leave your hair crunchy or greasy. This range is certified USDA Organic.

I looked around and couldn’t find it on sale anywhere. I eventually bought it on Amazon for £14 (& £2.35 shipping). I bought the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray for €22 six months previous to that so I decided that this was a good deal…ah the twisted reasoning of a beauty product junkie.

I love beach hair. Sexy, dishelleved locks is something I often lust after but it’s hard to achieve with poker straight hair. I have tried so many texturising and sea salt sprays but didn’t love any of them. Here’s my take on the John Masters spray:

The good

  • Adds matte texture
  • Makes my straight hair wave a little
  • Smells lovely
  • It’s organic (no sls and other ingredients that dry hair out)
  • Great for giving your hair ‘the day after a wash’ look when it’s freshly washed
  • Takes down flyaways
  • Maintains volume

The bad

  • If you spray too much it can leave your hair a little crunchy. Less is more with this one.
  • The nature of salt is drying, too much of this spray and you’ll notice that about your hair
  • Not portable (although you could buy a mini empty spray bottle from Boots and fill it up)
  • Tastes yuck, yes I know, I know, it’s not for drinking Amy. Got in my mouth my accident
  • Expensive
  • My hair is hard to work with the day after use so I need to wear the same style again

This isn’t a must have product but it is one I would buy again. I don’t go for beach waves everyday so this is a product I use only two days a week and it’s lasting me ages.

Do you use texturising sprays?

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  • Kittynail

    Hey! I just found your blog! I didn’t realize you have a blog as well! :)

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want!

  • LeanneOCD

    I’ve just got the CW Front Row salt spray to try from Boots. Amy, did you just spray it in and leave it to dry naturally, or did you use the hair-dryer a little? x

  • Lyndsey

    I bought KMS Hairplay last year and used it whilst I was on holidays.
    It smells very nice, but is expensive. However, for the amount of time I use it, it’s going to last me ages.
    I did use too much of it in my hair the first time, and ended up having to wash my hair again!
    You got a bargain on the John Masters though.

    • Amy

      @Lyndsey Found the same thing with the KMS haha

  • Diana

    I love texturizer sprays. TiGi had a really great one that of course was discontinued. I was looking into the John Masters spray a few months back but I couldn’t justify the purchase since the ingredients list basically told me I could make it myself! lol. I picked up an excellent one at Sally’s that gives my straight hair the most gorgeous beach waves… Beyond the Zone’s Super Sexy wave spray :)

    • Amy

      @Diana I loved the Tigi one too, hate when they discontinue good products! I thought the same thing about the jm spray (making it yourself) haha. Thanks for the product recommendation have added it to my list :)

  • Arlene

    I use one called “Beach Babe” by Lee Stafford. Smells amazing and gives a lovely tousled effect even on my poker straight hair. xx

    • Amy

      @Arlene I want it! For the name alone haha Thanks Arlene will keep an eye out for that one in boots. There is no way I dragging the JM spray on holiday! x

  • Shabna

    YES I use v05 sea salt texturising spray! It’s not bad and it’s a LOT cheaper. But then again I have curly/wavy hair anyways

    • Amy

      @Shabna I’v never tried VO5, I must pass the range all the time. Thanks for the info :)

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