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Beautiful Handmade Indian Bangles

Leah and Damien from Precious Pushkar was so kind to send me these beautiful bangles. They are so unusual and are amazing value!


They sent me the white and cream which I adore.I am imagining the maxi dress I need to buy to go with them haha. They are available in loads of different colours. I want them all! Each set is more beautiful then the next.

The cost €10 a set, 5 sets for €45 and 10 sets for €95.  They deliver worldwide for €5 regardless of how many you buy.

Click here to order from Precious Pushkar or to see the colours available.

I love the green and brown. I feel an order coming on!

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  • Tigi Curtis-Wood

    Hi, can i just ask are you able to add/mix the milk thistle and agnus castus drops in the the same glass of water or do they need to be taken separetly?
    Thanks x

  • Allison

    Maybe when the weather is warmer should start making videos with the different ones demonstrated on both arms up your sleeve. Perhaps you should sell glass bangles do as a partnership and real/sterling/ultra silver as well , you can even mix glass and silver or if not metal but sterling and silver is what a lot of people in india wear with glass .

  • Elisa


    Of course they are cheaper in India but they are made by little kiddos and women who are being exploited. I know paying 10 euros seems ridiculous compared to 2$ for a set of 100 pieces, but from what I understood from their blog, Precious Puskar is collaborating with some workers from Puskar. If they are paying them decently I don’t know, but I hope so!

  • Aoife

    These look so gorgeous but I have really narrow wrists / hands! Solid bangles are usually too big for me. How big are these bangles?

    Thanks a mill! x

  • innerbelle

    hey gr8 post they are so pretty, next tym ur in london u need to come down to upton park, they custom make the bangle sets for you you here, for same price or even less :D i have a huge collection of them

    • Amy

      @innerbelle Upton Park…noted :) Can’t wait to get over to London again!

  • Anna Saccone

    Aww this was so sweet of you to do! I love those colours as well! And I’m really tempted to buy a couple of sets, I feel like I need one in every colour too :) Ha ha ha, I’m going to be so broke! xxxx

  • shabna

    they sell so many in india you would feel overwhelmed! they have awesome ones with little chandeliers off them and dangling beads but 10 euros for a set?! they are a lot cheaper in india :/

    maybe i should buy a bulk this year and sell them at a more reasonable price haha!

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