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Beauty Chat: Bust Creams

This is a bit of a weird topic for a beauty video but it has been on my mind lately. I assume there are others out there who have pondered on bust creams and a few who have dabbled with lotions and potions.


The product I have been  using is Palmer’s Bust Cream. It seems to work well. It makes my skin plump and fresh looking. I do wonder if it has any long term effects though.

Thoughts on bust creams?

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  • MoreThanThisLife

    [..YouTube..] I love Lovely Jubblies from Lush :) It smells wonderful and definitely plumps the skin!

  • kanaisk

    [..YouTube..] Have u nothing else to do?…

  • rokchik111481

    [..YouTube..] drugstoredotcom sells the Palmer’s bust cream for about $6- $7. :)

  • RhaynePrincess

    [..YouTube..] Another reason to use coconut oil: I would never put all those toxic chemicals on my bust. I think the stat is 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer. Nowadays we eat junk and slather chemicals all over our bodies…our skin absorbs what we put on it…and breast cancer is rampant. Coincidence? I think not. Coconut oil all the way! No chemicals on my boobs! LoL =)

  • RhaynePrincess

    [..YouTube..] I would suggest just using organic coconut oil. Put the tiniest amount in your palm and use that. If you apply it with wet hands, it will spread more easily and evenly and won’t look oily. It’s healthy & gives a pretty glow. =)

  • fdceaph

    [..YouTube..] I’ve been looking for a cream for the chest/boobs area. I’ve been thinking of trying lush lovely jubblys but never actually have. Im abit in the dark with this area to but would love some recommendations xx

  • pinkshamrock18

    [..YouTube..] i guess i haven’t seen your vids in awhile… you have braces and are pregnant! crazy!

  • MsFreckledface

    [..YouTube..] I have tried a Gatineau bust cream before and liked it but don’t think it was worth the price. Will definately try the palmers one!

  • jahukommm

    [..YouTube..] i just use my body lotion on my chest, but to be honest, not every day. BUT what I do do, is use a quite strong SPF on my chest, because with the years I’ve noticed that I tend to burn my chest and I’m all against sunburns :)
    I’m not too pale, but in the summer months I use SPF 40 or 50 on my face and my chest, for my body I use SPF 30. And I still get a nice tan ;) I just really hate the damage of sunburns.
    Maybe I should start using creams on my chest/bust daily, I’m not a teenager anymore :)

  • KatherineP47

    [..YouTube..] do you think you need to use a spf moisturizer on your chest too? :)

  • Coco310308

    [..YouTube..] I love Mama Mio’s boob tube. I am still breastfeeding my second child, and want to do as much as i can to protect this area of my body. Mama Mio’s products also have quite “natural” ingredients. I”ve been through 3 tubes of this during my pregnancies

  • 6dazey9

    [..YouTube..] The bust cream was probably on the bottom shelf because if you leant forward and your nipples touched the floor you knew you needed some tit cream lol<3 x

  • KraftyKaitlyn

    [..YouTube..] I never really thought much about moisturizing my chest. I tend to be a little lax with body moisturizer anyway, although I’ve been trying to do better about it. I do know that you’re supposed to sleep on your back to prevent wrinkling between them. However, since I’m on the bustier side, the weight on my chest makes me stop breathing during the night, so that’s not an option. I’ll have to try a bust cream now to make up for that and maybe stave off the wrinkles!

  • LilMovieBuff

    [..YouTube..] Wow! I never thought about moisturizing my chest. I always just do my face. But your right, that area would really show aging if the skin is thin. So from now on, I will take anti-aging measures on my neck and chest too.

    PS. I was a sun-worshiper turned SPF addict too. I used to work at a tanning salon – so my skin has been tanned enough for my life time. Now I just want to protect it.

  • lilymakeupxx

    [..YouTube..] Great video, I’ve been looking at using a bust cream for a while. Will see if I can find the Palmer’s one. I’ve noticed that This Works also do a cream for the décolleté area!

  • vdofan1

    [..YouTube..] Perfect timing, it’s just the last couple of weeks that I’ve really noticed this area – maybe since the weather’s warming up. : ) I am definitely going to look for the Palmer’s lotion. Such a timely video – Thanks!

  • taibug

    [..YouTube..] Every time you said “bump” I heard “bum”. Was quite amused! Love your videos – you have the best recommendations.

  • dazzledust25

    [..YouTube..] Thanks for your thoughts NatureNansy24! I completely agree

  • dazzledust25

    [..YouTube..] Yes to blueberries is a great idea, think I have some upstairs. Might be light enough for me!

  • dazzledust25

    [..YouTube..] Yay! Haven’t recorded with this camera in a while :)

  • dazzledust25

    [..YouTube..] My face was chubbier when I was last pregnant.Maybe that’s it :)

  • dazzledust25

    [..YouTube..] Love bio oil. I’m off the check avon :)

  • dazzledust25

    [..YouTube..] Ooh must try it!

  • NatureNansy24

    [..YouTube..] I actually use face cream on my bust, the one that is too rich for my face. If it doesn’t break out my face, it usually wouldn’t break out my chest. I don’t choose expensive options, but still think it’s worth buying separate cream with antioxidants just for that area. I do see the difference from using just any body lotion there =))

  • ManaBear24

    [..YouTube..] I use the yes to blueberries day face lotion it’s 14$ usd but it works really well I wanted to try the Palmer’s bust cream but I can’t find it here in the states, I’ve looked all over for it so if anyone can tell me where to find it here I’d be delighted

  • starlovestarlight

    [..YouTube..] I looove the camera and background in this vid, and you look sooo amazing, super gorgeous!!! <3

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