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Beauty Salon treatments – Your thoughts?

I am up bright and early with a spring in my step this Saturday morning. Why am I a crazy woman up at 7am on the weekend?

I’m off for some much needed beautifying this morning. It was booked as a surprise present for me. I am heading off for a massage, facial and manicure. It may surprise you that I’m not a salon regular. I had more facials as a teen than in my adult life – When I was 14 when my mother freaked out about the emergence of  visible pores on my nose. She sent me in to Sherry in the Shelbourne Hotel for some emergency blackhead removal – they were just pores Mam, calm down :)

I’m a fan of home beautifying. I enjoy the buffing, scrubbing and filing. I happily apply my own false tan, whip up some body mask from ingredients in my fridge and smear on homemade goodies as part of a DIY facial. I also occasionally use shop bought products but my point is that it’s always done at home.

But for today I am happy to put my beautifying into the hands of some professionals.

This lead me to wonder about the rest of you. I would be really interested to know what your thoughts on salon /spa treatments are – do you frequent the salon? If so, what for? What am I missing out on?

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  • Reme

    I think facials are a lovely treat to have done by a professional two or three times a year. The high quality products used (such as the lovely Yonka, yum!) extra steps performed (masque, steam, extractions) and the facial massage make it well worth shelling out for. How did you get on with yours Amy?
    Any other treatments I’ve had done (manicures, hot stone massage, hydratherapy) were because I’d received vouchers as gifts and I wouldn’t pay to get them done again, D.I.Y can definitely be just as good if not better!

  • robyn

    i don’t frequent the salon. i used to get sculpted nails done so i was in the salon about every 3 weeks. of course, my person wanted me to come in every 2wks but the expense was too much and i could honestly go an extra week and a half. i ended my nail relationship with her when she told me she would have to start charging me more money on my nail visits b/c i wasn’t coming in every two weeks….i think she thought i would go ahead and book more frequent visits…

    as far as my hair is concerned, i get it done from a friend who has been doing hair for fun for years but just recently went to the beauty school. so for now my hair coloring and cutting is super cheap but she is so wonderful i plan on following her…. :)

    as much as i love to go i get overwhelmed by the pricing. alot of times i feel like i didn’t get what i wanted. i know they aren’t working with a magic wand and there is only so much they can do but i feel like its things like the cut isn’t how i want it or they rush the styling.
    but honestly i can’t complain too much. i have always had supernice stylists who were welcoming and things. its a hard job. you can’t please everyone.

  • Lieenie

    Well I’ve gotten my nails done before but honestly I can do just as good myself. Youtube is great to learn how to’s for anything different. It takes practice but is worth it when you get a complement and you did it yourself.
    Like Joy said it’s good for a treat but also like she said I’d do some research before splashing the cash! Most of all enjoy!

  • Trinity

    It’s all different now!!…Have stopped visits for the regular stuff like waxing,mani’s etc, but with so many deals out there, got tempted into laser hair removal – pay as you go. Figured I’d save the ol cashola in the long run.
    Also a spa wknd at a hotel with sis and mom – (when we get a gud deal), is soooo worth the money.

  • Alethea

    I have never had a massage or manicure professionally done. I have always just done my own make-up, tan, nails, etc.

    With the exception of getting a voucher to get a french polish on my toe nails, for my debs (many moons ago :-) ), and recently getting my make-up done in Clery’s, by a Smashbox make-up artist who was doing a free demo, I have had no prefessional beauty input.

    I have always been quite good at doing make-up and such, and have just opted to do it myself as it was so much cheaper and as I trusted myself enough that my make-up or tan would turn out well.

    You get so much better value out of putting your money into good quality products, rather than going for lots of treatments!

    That said, I really did enjoy getting my make-up done by some one else. I’m the go-to person for make-up for nights out, weddings, balls, parties, etc., amoungst my family and friends, and it was so lovely for some one else to do my make-up, while I sat back and enjoyed the experience!

    A bit of pampering is lovely now and again. I hope you enjoyed yours Amy. Btw, I was watching old episodes of Off The Rails on RTE real player, and saw you on one of them. You were great and looked amazing!!!! Congrats xx

  • Joy

    Hiya Amy!
    I havent been to a beauty salon since my debs many many years ago, I only go the odd time now to get a wax! I’d do this myself at home only I physically cant rip the strip off myself!! But what I do remember from the salon I went to for my debs was awful! I just got a French manicure and my makeup done and I left thinking I couldhave done better myself! And for the price!! The white tips on my nails were left all wobbly and terrible looking and my make up looked like someone had shot me with Homer’s make-up gun invention! I was too nice back then to complain! I think now if I was to get a manicure or whatever, I’d do a bit of research on the place first! But if anyone is looking for an amazing waxing place I highly reccommend Urban Wax! They do a great job every time! :)

  • Tracey

    I think the amount of money they charge is ridculous. Come on its not rocket science. How can they justify the cost they charge for a 15 minute massage etc? Its not like the massage oils were that expensive. Its not like the training costs were alot to learn how to do that?? How do they justify the costs, epecially in a recession? I once stupidly paid 100 euro in dublin once to get gel nails…when it only cost me 10 euro in France!!! Now I just buy the stick on gel nails for 5 euro and get as many compliments.

    Im with you Amy, I always believe in DIY. I would prefer to spend the money on good products which I can use again and again, then to have someone do it do me once and thats it. Or just get a friend to do it for you ;)

  • Scarlet

    I also have never had a manicure or massage! I guess I just like doing it at home. I also figure, it’s more convenient and cheaper to do it myself. It would be nice to have someone else do it for a change though! Please blog about your salon experience :)

  • Jean

    Ah can’t beat the classic French Manicure it just oozes class without messy white blobs half way down your finger which is the case when miss unsteady hands anseo takes on the job herself!

  • Lyndsey

    Love,love,love being pampered at a salon/spa. However, it is not something I would do on a weekly nor monthly basis. I used to go to the salon for regular monthly facials and treatments,but the indulgent feeling loses it’s appeal after a while and instead of relaxing and enjoying the experience, I would be waiting for the end!
    I now see visits as a real treat, whether it be to a salon for a Hot Stone Massage – recommend this as it is unbeliveably relaxing and you will sleep big time after it – or maybe once a year I will go to a place like Champneys for a couple of days.
    I am always asking for vouchers for birthdays and christmas to my favourite places, which will go towards some serious pampering.
    Once a year I like to go to the salon and have a full lymphatic drainage massage, which is something else I would highly recommend. It keeps everything moving along around the body healthily and stops any unwanted nodes getting blocked – obviously not the technical terms for the treatment, just my interpretation of them haha! The secret key to making the massage a success – apparently – is to drink a lot of pure pineapple juice afterwards, I don’t get it either but I feel great after this treatment.
    Enjoy your pampering, and please let us all know what you had done and what you thought of the experience.

  • Bernie

    have a nice day !!I’m planning on going to a chemist in my town and trying out some of the new OPI nail vanishes!!I can’t wait !!Bernie !!xXx

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