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Beauty Tips: Beautiful Nails

Even if my skin looks awful or I’m having a fat day, groomed nails make me feel better. Here are a few tips I have picked up over the years. Don’t forget to comment with your tips, I’d love to see hot everyone else looks after their nails.

1. If I use polish regularly I use an acetone free nail polish. Acetone is too harsh for my delicate nails.

2. I leave a hand cream beside the soap in my bathroom so that everytime I wash my hands I use cream. M&S are great for the soap and lotions duos in cute containers.

3.If you’re doing garden work drag your nails over  a bar of soap before you go outside. The back of the nails will load up with soap and stop dirt getting down there.

4. Always wear rubber gloves when washing dishes. Water is hard on nails.

5. Never file your nails after a bath, they split (I have done this so many times!)

6. Soak your nails before using an orange stick to push down the cuticle, or use cuticle cream.

7. Use a nail hardener if you’re nails split easily.

8 I swear by Vaseline Intensive Care hand and nail cream (the pink tube). I rubbed this on my nails 3 times a day and 2 months later my nails are long and strong.

9. From my experience, acrylics ruined my nails. It took nearly 6 months to get them back into good condition after having them removed.

What are your nail tips?

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  • Marquis Machen

    This all looks great…wished I lived closer…now about that magazine, I see it as a sure fire way to get this economy up and running again..folks buy the magazine, they get happy, they decide the world’s pretty much an alright place and they better start participating in making it fun, they get creative, juices get flowing, motion gets generated..voila!

  • Cherry

    Nail envy and Solgar’s skin hair nail supplement improved my weak nails that crack all the time.

  • Sara

    I had acrylic nails for 6 years straight and ruined my nails. I took them off in January and have been trying to get my natural nails in good health and looking as gorgeous as Amy’s. All of the ridges are finally grown out and they are getting strong but they are taking forever to grow. Any recommendations on what to use to make them grow faster?!

  • pharmacy tech

    Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  • cna training

    nice post. thanks.

  • Amanda

    I am obsessed with my nails and usually paint them a couple of times a week (depending on how long my polish is lasting). I always feel they are stronger and healthier when I have polish on, so if they’re not coloured I use a clear nail hardener. I’m fortunate that my nails grow quite long naturally, however I do chop them all off every couple of weeks as I find that keeps them looking nice. My best find has been OPI’s drip dry drops – put these on about a minute after your top coat and nails are completely dry in five minutes. Changed my life – I used to refuse to move for an hour after I painted my nails!

  • innerbelle

    haha, no honestly base coat really makes a difference in how long a nail polish lasts, well at least my mavala one does…about the bath thing, be sure your nails are done a good couple of hours before bath time, otherwise they well ruin, but promise i get the most effortless and best results this way.

  • ann

    before polishing your nails soak a cotton swab in facial toner and swipe each nail… this will get rid of any oils or leftover lotions on your nails! : ) xoxo

  • Ms.Wedgie

    I definatly agree with the others about using a good base coat! I had this gorgeous blue varnish but didn’t use a base coat because I was being lazy…I had Smurf nails for week after I took it off because nothing would shift it!! (not a good look). I also use Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my nails and cuticles a few times a week – it’s a miracle cream I tell ya!! It’s also fab for conditioning your nails during ‘acrylic recovery!

  • Arianna

    Thanks for the tips =)
    Mine is always to put a base coat on the nails before applying the nail polish, because it protects them from going yellow…hope it helps! ^_^

  • ciara

    Love the tip about the hand cream beside the sink!

    Ok… this is going to sound crazy! When i was a kid, my nails were really weak and always breaking(probably due to my ..still.. unvaried diet). So my mam got me to eat jelly every day. Well raw jelly: if youre familiar with the packets of jelly, it is divided into cubes and you mix it with other ingredients to make the proper jelly. So you kind of dilute it! But anyway i ate a little cube of jelly everday and then my nails were SUPER strong
    crazy right?

    but now sometimes part of the top layer of my nail peels. leaving it weak and vulnerable to peeling more :(

  • innerbelle

    My advice is dont over file your nails, with those nail buffing blocks, if you over file with that youll end up with thin nails. from experience lol

    oh ye acrylics ruined my nails too, its been 2 years since i last had them done, and my own nails are as strong as ever.

    Always recomment a basecoat or event clear nail polish first, so it nails dont stain.

    Heres a cheat – i always do my nail polish a coupe of hours before my shower or bath, that way the skin softens up and you can rub away any mess from the nail polish – this means i can be super sloppy and after my shower my nails are perfect lol

    • Amy

      @innerbelle That is genius idea! I’m always afraid to do my nails before a bath incase I ruin my polish, I’m converted! :) I have never owned a buffing block but was toying with the idea of getting one, maybe not. I am terrible for leaving out the base coat, I’m all about instant gratification. Maybe I need to grow up haha

  • Aoife

    My worst nail experience was for my sister’s wedding, we decided to get acrylics. We kept them quite short just so they were even and we didn’t have to worry about breaking a nail in the days leading up to it. Oh our poor nails! My sis got her ones off in a nail bar in Canada where she was on her honeymoon. She said the beautician was having an awful time with them. She ended up with little cuts on her cuticles. I was told by the beautician who put them on that they were fully booked (Celtic Tiger days!!) and that I should just soak them in Nail varnish remover and that they would come off….

    Oh Lord! They came off eventually but I was left with (I’m shuddering remembering the horror) bendy nails! Bendy thin nails looking up at me asking me why? why did you do that?! Never again!

    My only other nail tip is: I usually use a base coat but it’s really important ot use one if you’re using a dark colour or you’ll have lovely stained nails after! (experience!!)

    • Amy

      @Aoife Oh I remember the bendy nails! Floppy nails are just wrong haha I chewed mine off once because I couldn’t get an appointment and they looked outgrown and hideous. So gross but I didn’t have the patience for soaking them off. I cried the first time I had them removed, the girl was so rough that the sides of my fingers were bleeding. Jesus it’s ridiculous what women will do in the same of beauty. haha I need to start using base coat!! x

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