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I’ve decided to do a Bridal series, I’ve been meaning to do one for ages. I love doing bridal makeup, it makes me giddy to be around brides on one of the biggest days of their lives. The energy is fantastic!

I’ll be posting tutorials on YouTube and tips posts here on my blog over the next month.

Here is my first post on tips for your big day. This post will be about beauty preparation. The next will focus on make-up.

  • Avoid facials and  masks the week of the wedding, it’s not the time to be trying to draw out impurities. You could end up blotchy on your big day, or worse!
  • Drink plenty of water for the weeks before so your skin looks fresh
  • Get your beauty sleep! A Rested ladies make-up always looks better (and you generally need less make-up)
  • Exfoliate your face and body in the weeks before (not on the week of the wedding!)
  • Moisturise your entire body regularly coming up the event so your skin in glowing
  • Don’t change your beauty routine in the few weeks coming up to your big day, you don’t know what effect new products will have on your skin. Stick to what you know.
  • Boost immunity and circulation (whilst giving cellulite a bit a shove) by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Don’t go on a strict unbalance diet, if you are attempting anything drastic to lose weight bear in mind that this could effect your skin. I have seen so many brides who have starved themselves for their big day, their hair and skin show the effects of diet abuse. Make sure your diet is balanced to avoid any breakouts, dullness and dry hair.
  • Use a hair mask once a week for a month before to ensure that your hair is in tip top condition
  • Don’t get a hair cut on the same week
  • Excercise – does wonders for your skin not only your waistline!

The most important beauty tips for any bride in my opinion are WATER, SLEEP & EXFOLIATION (just not in the same week as the wedding!) :)

Bridal make-up coming in the nest few days.

Amy x

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