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Because sometimes cheaper is better!

I am waiting and hoping that my flight leaves for Dublin without a hitch tonight. In the meantime I decided a spot of blogging would be ideal!

If you read my last post you will know that I picked up an emergency hairspray at Target the other day. My hair was flat as a pancake and for some reason the water in the Chicago is making my hair limp, not a hint of the texture I usually get from washing in the water at home (could be the cold too).

I usually use Silhouette Hair Spray in Medium or Super Hold or Wella. I love both and came away without packing either of them.  I tend to go for fine mists rather than spritz type sprays, which I usually hate.

I settles on a mini bottle of cheapy Tresemme hairspray which I planned to use for the duration of my trip. (I bought the 4 star hold)

Rather surprisingly, I love this stuff!

This is definitely more of a spritz, rather than a mist.  It’s asy to direct to specific areas, for me that’s my roots and the tips for texture. It has a nice smell,  not too over-powering and longlasting hold.

It’s also cheap and there is less fume inhalation thanks to spritz versus mist.

I find that mists are good for all over fine setting, maybe the spritz is the answer to directional / specific volume. I don’t think I would spray this all over my hair to set it, it would be too much so I’ll still need a  fine medium hold mist for that.

I’m converted. Full size bottle here I come!

What hairspray do you use?

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