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Benefit High Beam – Really worth it?

I have had Benefit High Beam in my possession on and off for the past seven years. It’s one of those products that I have completely ignored on my blog and in YouTube videos. Why? Because I accept it as part of my permanent collection. It doesn’t make me feel excited yet it works.

I’m a fan of Benefit’s beauty boxes so I have picked up a few mini size versions of High Bream over the years. Other than my very first bottle which was full size, mini’s have kept my going. I thought it was high time I reviewed this product!

I dabbled briefly with Moonbeam, which is warmer on the skin than High Beam. Although it looks lovely on my skin, warm and glowing it didn’t provide the fresh, well-slept look I get with High Beam. That being said, I would use Moonbeam when I have a tan, as High Beam is much pinker.

I apply it with my ring finer to my cheekbones and down the centre of my nose. On occasion I have mixed a little , very little, in with my foundation for some extra ooph. Texture wise, this is a liquid. It is not oily, greasy or creamy. More like a lotion. It would work well on oilier skins which is rare for a liquid highlighter. The finish is sheer, and provides subtle illumination.

As a highlighter this product isn’t earth shattering but it is very good and most of all it is reliable. If you don’t like powder based highlighters this might be a good option for you. High beam is pinker than all of highlighters I have in my collection. It will work well on fair skin but certainly isn’t for everyone. On the right skintone this product looks pretty and luminous. On the wrong skin tone it shows as a silvery, frosty pink.

A con to this products is definitely how it works on fine lines and pores. I find it tends to emphasize them a little, although it doesn’t seep in. For this reason I always apply it to the top of my cheekbones only, avoiding the outer eye area like the plague and also steering clear of the are of skin where my cheek meets my nose.

It is expensive (€26.50 / £18.50) but I can’t imagine you would run out considering the size of the bottle. If you love it then it’s good value for money. I wouldn’t un out and buy it but if you find yourself at the Benefit counter it’s worth asking the mua to apply it for you and see what you think. I’m a big advocate of try before you buy -less chance of buyers remorse.

I’m intrigued by Benefits latest addition to the ‘beam family’ – Sun Beam. This sounds like my cup of tea. Anyone tried it?

What are your thoughts on High Beam?



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  • Salon Products

    Love love love this product, like you have picked up a few miniatures on the way and the jar i had before it smashed on the floor of spainish airport as i was putting my liquids in the plastic bag had lasted for a good long while! So pleased i could replenish it in duty free once i got through security control!

  • Ana Blanco

    Hi Amy!! Have you tried the YSL Touché Eclat?? I tried in a YSL corner at Debenhams, and it looked absolute gorgeous in my skin, but it coast many euros (28 euros in a offer), and I would like to know if you have had some experience with it to share!!
    Thankss!! =)

  • Claire

    Hi Amy,

    I’m really glad you’ve reviewed this product! I love it! Have been using it consistently for the last 8 years. I usually apply it along my cheekbones…..and the last while I’ve also been using it just under my eyebrows…..looks fab! It is expensive but it lasts. I’ve had my current bottle for about 5 months and it’s still more than half full! I think it’s very good value for the quality. I’ll have to give Sun Beam a go one of these days.

  • not just ont the inside

    I use the Stilla highlighter which kinda the same as highbeam I love it and its a little cheaper too

  • Rachel – whatabeautyblog

    I’ve had High Beam for as long as I can remember – I don’t use it everyday though as I have quite oily skin and can look over-highlighted! Interesting what you said about applying it round the eye area – I will be sure to steer clear of this next time I use it! Rachel from x

  • Jess

    I don’t know if you’re aware, but there is a perfect dupe for high beam which is made by Technic and it’s called High lights. It’s amazing! It’s the same texture and colour. And! It’s only £1.49 here in the UK at Bodycare(a discount toiletry shop, not sure if you have it in Ireland), you can buy it on Amazon though, It’s awesome :D


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