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Bloody brilliant -Vichy Normaderm Nuit

If you’re a regular reader you might remember the trouble I was having with acne during Winter and Spring. It was confined to my chin area, thank you hormones, but it made me miserable. I tried leaving it alone but after the condition of my skin worsened I pulled out every spot cream I had and tried to get rid of them. This was largely unsuccessful but I did find two that were impressive. One of these is Vichy Normaderm Nuit.

Normaderm Nuit Anti-Imperfections is designed for swollen and deformed pores and irregular skin texture. I have both of these issues but was rather skeptical, being a beauty blogger has made me very cynical :) I smeared a little of the product in desperation one night, expecting nothing. However, the next morning my skin looked less agitated and red. I continued using it for two more nights and on the third morning I woke to zero new spots, zero! After a few more nights of application the rest of my spots started to heal and my skin looked clearer.

You would imagine that I would love this for it’s spot fighting ability alone but not so. What I like most is the effect this product has on my pores. It has made them smaller, more regular in shape and much less noticeable. To make sure that this was down to the cream, and not other factors, I stopped using it for a week. I completely regretted this decission – the spots and irregular pores returned.

Bottom line, this worked a treat for me and is continuing to work. I apply a tiny amount every night on my chin and nose – the former gets spotty, the latter suffers from large, weird looking pores.

The product itself smells quite nice, no chemical scent like most spot creams. It’s between a lotion and a cream in consistency so it’s easy to apply. It’s not thick or greasy and absorbs easily. In fact on occasion I have applied it under my makeup in the morning.It didn’t cause any reaction or irritation and best of all it didn’t cause any dryness. This was a concern of mine since some reviewers found it too drying. I’m chuffed.

Here comes the science bit…It contains LHA, an exfoliant and anti-bacterial agent and Vitamin E to bring down inflammation. Normaderm has Zincadone A complex which contains glycolic acid, glycadone, and stimoderm.

As a testament to how much I love this product I bought my second tube last week from my local pharmacy (€15.50). The tube contains 50ml and one tube lasted me four months with everyday use.

Friggin’ amazing!


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