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Blush Earthy Palette & Brushes…

Blush Pro sent me a palette and a mini brush set to try out. Here’s a little lookie…

The 88 Earth Toned Palette…

And the 7 piece brush set….

The little brush set is actually usable. I wasn’t expecting this to be honest. The little round fluffy brush is lovely. It has even got its own position in my brush belt.

I look forward to giving the palette a try.

The palette and brushes are available from Blush Cosmetics. The brush set costs £12.99 and the Earth Tones palette £8.99


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  • KAT

    Bought the shimmer palette, this looks real nice. Might order too.Although how many eyeshadow palettes does one girl need huh?!

  • Anya

    This looks very versatile. Let us know what you think after testing x

  • Fidya

    Ottimi pennelli, li ho usati anch’io!

  • Summer

    These look great value for money! x

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