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Boots Exclusive – Benefit Sha-La-Lovely Christmas Set

Finally an exclusive that’s available on this side of the water!

The kit contains

  • Boi-ing concealer in 02
  • Creaseless cream shadow
  • Three powder eye shadows
  • Badgal Lash Mini Mascara
  • Eye Bright
  • Concealer Brush
  • Double Ended eyeshadow brush
  • Full lesson.

I like the idea of having so many products in one box. I could pop this in my handbag with a lipgloss and save myself lugging around a half tonne of products.

I bought the Benefit Realness of Concealness kit a few years ago. Although I loved it, I found that I used up the boing concealer within a few weeks. I would love if the concealer pan in Benefit palettes were slightly bigger since most people would use a concealer up much faster than eyebright.

The set costs €36 / £25 – definitely not a drugstore price but if you like Benefit products or wanted a little introduction to the brand then this could be a good option for you. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of Badgal mascara. I’m also not sure I like the idea of eyebright  in pan form. The pencil is so easy to use and is one of my favourite products but in a pan? Surely that will be too much work.

It’s also a Boots exclusive. Nothing like the word ‘exclusive’ to start the queues forming although it’s worth thinking about whether you need everything in the box before you commit. I always consider the price against the value of the products and how much use I could get out of them. Then I ask myself if there is any other product(s) I would prefer to spend that money on. If I still want it at this stage then it’s a good buy. For now, I think I will pass on this one. The other Benefit sets I was talking about before appeal to me more.

Have you ever bought a Benefit set?

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  • Joanna

    WOW. I love Benefit and this one is definitely getting on my Christmas list!

  • saskia

    This is the exact same kit as the benefit primpcess kit which is 21£ xxx

  • Ruth

    I love Benefit but I don’t buy any of the kits with Boing 2 in as I need no. 1 for my fair skin – I wouldn’t want to waste anything at this price – also the eyeshadows look very similar to the big beautiful eyes kit I have. I’d love to see a kit with more colourful eyeshadows – I know they brought out more colour during the summer. Or something more festive with a red lip or glitter. The Urban Decay kits are a bit more festive.

  • Sarah

    Eye Bright is one of my favourite products but whenever I get it in a palette set, as opposed to the full-size pencil, it dries out almost immediately. I think I’ll be skipping this one, only because I have several of the products in full size :)

  • Jean

    This set is the exact same as the primpcess one that came out a couple of years ago same exact products!

  • Reme

    Benefit had this EXACT set out under a different name 2 yrs ago and it was such a disappointment and waste of money for me. The mini mascara had a rubbish brush and dried out quickly and the concealer was way too dark for me so I got no use out of those, Eyebright was chalky and gathered eye shadow particles, I think it’s much better as a pencil. The eye shadows are boring shades and nothing special in terms of pigmentation or finish. The only thing i liked and used was the RSVP creaseless cream shadow which is not full-size so this palette was definitely not value for money for me… This was just my experience but I advise anyone considering this product to try before you buy, I bought in a rush at the airport and still regret it!

  • Jessy

    this kit looks EXACTLY like the primpcess set i got two christmas’ ago! but i have to say it is a really lovely set :) especially love the mini creaseless cream eye shadow- lasts for ages :)
    i also got the celebutante kit last year, again, love it!
    got my eye on another kit this year :) i’m a fiend when it comes to these benefit limited edition sets! i love how they have all these products in one :) x

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