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Bridal Series: Bronzer

Applying bronzer is quite a delicate matter on a normal let alone on your wedding day. Many people avoid it like the plague, terrified of looking like an oompa loompa. Whist some of us go to town and can end up looking a little OTT.

Bronzer is an item I think you should consider for your big day.When applied well it makes your skin look sun-kissed and alive without changing the colour of your skin. Bronzer does not have to make you look tanned, in a lighter shade it can warm your skin. Adding more dimension to your face is great for photographs.

To warm your complexion  dust bronzing powder or creme bronzer along the outer edges of your face and onto your cheekbones. Bronzer is a great product for slimming the nose, sculpting cheekbones and chin.

When applying bronzer you should start at the back of the cheekbone, sweeping it down towards the lower port of the cheek then back towards your ear. If you decide to use creme bronzer, dot the colour along your cheekbone and blend with your ring finger. Applying a little bronzer to the temples helps shape the face and brings out your eyes.

Personally I wouldn’t choose an overly shimmery / iridescent bronzer for bridal wear. Matte or satin is the way to go.  If you are very fair and find bronzer too pigmented for you try a pressed powder in an ebony shade instead.

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