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Bridal Series: Morning Brides

When planning Bridal make-up I always start with the time of day the wedding will be held. This will effect the overall look and product choice. Another consideration in your wedding photographs, will the photographer use natural or artificial light? Taking these factors into consideration will ensure beautiful photographs.

I will start with brides getting married in the morning:

Brides getting married in the morning should generally wear less makeup than if she were getting married in the evening. Keep makeup soft and pretty as morning light is cool. Bear in mind that everything will photograph a little darker so it’s best to choose softer shades.

Foundation: Generally brides choose matte foundation but morning brides you can get away with a base with a slight sheen. Put time into applying your foundation, ensuring it is even and well blended. It’s essential you check your make-up in natural light and not artificial light before you leave.

Concealer: A lighter touch is best for morning light.

Powder: Use a very light amount so your skin looks like skin and not mask light in the morning light.

Eyeshadow: Go for soft, warm shades that compliment your eye colour (click here to read about what eyeshadows accentuate your eye colour). The light at this time of day will accentuate any mistakes or lack of blending in your eyeshadow. Less is more.

Liner: Keep it subtle and soft if you are wearing any. Personally, I would avoid black as it could look harsh in the morning light. I like to press a warm shade of eyeshadow into the lashes along the lash line.

Mascara: Apply mascara right down to the root of the lashes to create definition. Apply false eyelashes for a more dramatic look

Lips: Keep lips quite natural in a soft colour. If you go for a statement lip beware that it will dominate your photographs.

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