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Bridal Series: Tanning yourself – How to get it right

Self tanning can go very wrong. Here are a few tips if you decide to use false tan on yourself for your wedding day:

  • Practice. You may have to try a few products before you find one that suits your skins type and tone. When you have commited to a product try it a few weeks before the big day to avoid any disasters.
  • Ask someone you trust to tell you their opinion of the tan you chose or take a picture. Is it orange? It it streaky? It should look natural with absolutely no tell tale signs that you’re tan is not real.
  • Consider the shade of your dress. A strong false tan might not look great with a stark white dress whilst very fair skin may not look great with a cream dress.
  • Exfoliate the body regularly in the weeks (even months) coming up to your wedding.
  • Moisturise your body regularly
  • Moisturise your knees, feet, ankles and hairline right before applying tan. This will stop the product clinging to the dryer skin in there areas and will ensure a more natural finish.
  • If you are afraid of doing your tan yourself, mix some tanning lotion with your moisturiser in a bowl and apply it that way (trying to mix it in your hands can sometimes be streaky) Alternatively you could choose a gradual tanning moistuiser, there are plenty of those on the market. You can then build it each night until your happy with the results.
  • Ensure your tan looks subtle and not dramatically different.
  • Apply tan with a tanning mit or rubber gloves to avoid stained palms (not a good look)
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