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City Mono Eyeshadows from NYC Eyeshadows

It’s a scorcher of a day here in the Canaries. Too hot for lounging about getting over-heated so I decided to take myself to a local air conditioned cafe for a spot of blogging. There are a few products I want to talk about this week but the first lot that popped into my mind are the City Mono Eyeshadow from N.Y.C. – New York Color Cosmetics.

I have been trying out four shades over the past few weeks…
•    In Vogue – matte purple, smooth formula. Very pigmented
•    Manhattan Gaze – A  matte bright, true blue. A tiny bit chalkier than In Vogue but gorgeous colour. Works even better over a base
•    5th Avenue – a matte yellowy, green shade. Blends nicely, similar texture to Manhattan Gaze.
•    I Love New York (pearly white with a heavy shimmer, frosty finish)

Swatch time! All swatches taken on dry skin, no base, finger swiped and in natural light.

My thoughts

I love a matte finish on an eyeshadow. They’re not for everyone but if you like your eyeshadows strong than it’s matte all the way. Matte shades tend to get a bad rep because they often require more blending than satin and shimmer shades. That’s not really the case with the NYC shades.

For some reason I prefer to wear these shadows alone. I don’t blend in crease colours etc. I like the look of them on their own.They also can  get a little mucky looking or lost if its over-done.

The purple is the most akin to a high end shadow out of the four. It’s satiny and very pigmented, easy to blend and lasts well. As with any shadow, layer it over and eyeshadow base for added intensity and staying power. The white shade is actually really nice. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot when I saw this one but it’s a really nice highlight shade and absolutely gorgeous on the tear duct.

Would I recommend them?

If you like make-up fun, yes. If you like mattes, yes. If you’re on a budget and want a decent amount of colour, yes. If you’re a shimmer only girl, no. If you want to use them in conjunction with lots of other shades, maybe not.  I have had one of their browny shades in my collection for about a year and I wear it all the time. I’ll root it out and find the name when I get home, but basically I like it as much as any of my MAC neutrals. It’s so pretty on. This makes me want to try more of the range. That being said, I really can’t pull off the limey shade!

They’re also so cheap, a couple of euro for each and are available internationally.

Have you tried them?

Any thoughts on NYC products?

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