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Bye Bye Bumpy Arms!!


I had so many questions about how to get rid of the dreaded red bumps so many of us get at the back of our arms. I decided to respond to everyone in one go in this blog post.

A bit of background; I found that the bumps were worse after a bath or shower. This led me to believe that my many chemical laden bath products were to blame. I embarked on a natural skin care mission, made some soaps and got a huge response from all of you lovely ladies.

The lavender soap I made got rid of the bumps. I now never bath or shower without it. I haven’t had one flare up since. I’d like to point out that it was a happy accident that this worked on my arms, it wasn’t my intention. I made a natural Vitamin E cream to use on the area too(since most lotions flare up the rash!) and it has worked a treat.

I had so many requests that I put them up for sale here (as you already know). I put the cream and the soap in a package together since they work so well for me :)

Click here to see what’s available

I made my first 8 orders today. I loved every minute of it! I spent ages packaging them, I LOVE gift bags and raffia and dried flowers and ribbon and jewels and…. basically I’m in heaven! Best of all, I get to share what I love with you.

Thank you all for your support and advice. I’m not exactly a good business woman, just a woman who makes soap! Haha

Amy x


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