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Bye Bye Bumpy Arms!!


I had so many questions about how to get rid of the dreaded red bumps so many of us get at the back of our arms. I decided to respond to everyone in one go in this blog post.

A bit of background; I found that the bumps were worse after a bath or shower. This led me to believe that my many chemical laden bath products were to blame. I embarked on a natural skin care mission, made some soaps and got a huge response from all of you lovely ladies.

The lavender soap I made got rid of the bumps. I now never bath or shower without it. I haven’t had one flare up since. I’d like to point out that it was a happy accident that this worked on my arms, it wasn’t my intention. I made a natural Vitamin E cream to use on the area too(since most lotions flare up the rash!) and it has worked a treat.

I had so many requests that I put them up for sale here (as you already know). I put the cream and the soap in a package together since they work so well for me :)

Click here to see what’s available

I made my first 8 orders today. I loved every minute of it! I spent ages packaging them, I LOVE gift bags and raffia and dried flowers and ribbon and jewels and…. basically I’m in heaven! Best of all, I get to share what I love with you.

Thank you all for your support and advice. I’m not exactly a good business woman, just a woman who makes soap! Haha

Amy x


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  • Tiffany

    SO excited. i just bought your magic soap. can’t wait to get some ad see what it does to my bumpy arms. i shall keep you posted. Love your website and vids on you tube x

  • Redrew

    I just have to add … my fiancee commented after his morning shower on how great you’re soap smell! hehehe! Of course, I told him he was not allowed to try them. :) I do know how to share, but we shouldn’t have to share everything! :)

    • Amy

      I like your style! Haha Maybe I need to make some sort of a ‘man bar’ :)

  • Redrew

    Just wanted to let you know I received my soaps yesterday and my first impression was … I LOVE THE SMELL! They we’re amazing when I look them out of the bag! Used one this morning and loved it. I think I’m hooked!

    Thanks so much for sharing you’re wonderful soaps!

    • Amy

      Yaaay! I’m so happy you like them :)

  • kat

    Hey Amy ! Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the products I bought from you and thank you so much for the samples also. I used the bath bomb today and my skin felt soo good after. I am telling everyone I know about your great soaps and I will be ordering more very soon, katherine x x

    • Amy

      Katherine, I’m so delighted you like them :) You’re the first one to give me feedback. I am chuffed!!
      Thank you! Amy x

  • Aoife


    Arriving home from work to the package of soaps and lotions waiting for me was exactly what I needed after a long day! The smell hit me straight away when I opened it and it was fab! I’ve tried the Lavender Soap and Vitamin E lotion and I love them! Thanks so much! You were so right not to give your recipes away! Plus I know I’d make a mess! :-)

    So for anyone else reading this, I really like the products so far and they’re worth a try. Love the lip balm too!

    • Amy

      Glad you like so far Aoife :) Thanks for the feedback! Amy x

  • Andrea G.

    Thanks so much for the the reply, Amy! I will definitely be ordering some soaps for christmas presents! I think its great that you want to help people, and that you’re so happy something as simple as just packaging them all up!

  • Lisa

    Thank yooou Amy! I hve just ordered this soap, can’t wait to try it as I have really sensitive, irritable skin. Hope it works as well for me as it has for you! xxx

  • Brittany

    LOL at Alina. Get over yourself…yes she could post the recipes, but she has a right to keep them a secret. Besides, if she makes it with these (which I think she might), why would she want a bunch of other women making the same exact soap? That wouldn’t be very good business sense. If you want to make your own soaps, figure it out yourself by doing research instead of relying on other people. Keep it up Amy – you’ll get lots of orders! :)

  • Laura

    Ooo, looking forward to receiving my order Amy :D Glad you’ve got rid of the bumps, hoping it’ll work for me too! xxx

  • Fee

    Just one question amy, i’m really interested to know – do you use lye in any of your soaps? I really want to make my own, but i’m a bit skeptical about this lye stuff having never made soap before, I havent heard you mention it so I thought I would ask. I understand you wont tell us your recipes but i’m really curious to know if you did or didn’t.
    Fee xx

  • alina

    i dont want to be rude but u also had hundreads of requests to give away recipes so that we can make our own soap, but u chose to sell the soap instead. Giving us the links with recipes wouldnt cost anything.

    • Amy

      Hi Alina, Unfortunately they’re not my recipes to share. These were passed to me from a family member. I put them up on my blog because people were interested.
      If you’re looking to make your own soap there are tonnes of recipes and information online.
      Best of luck

  • Redrew25

    Amy – I just have to say that you have been my inspiration to follow my creative side. You are sooo creative and I love that you aren”t afraid to show it to the world!

    I think you have an innate business sense! :) Good luck!

  • Anna Saccone

    Gorgeous photos Amy! You’re doing so great! I can’t wait to try out what you sent me, the packaging is amazing! xoxo

  • Andrea G.

    OH! also, how would i convert the prices to know how much they are in american dollars?? lol

    • Amy

      Hi Andrea, you can do free currency conversion over here

  • Andrea G.

    Will you ship to the states?? I’d love to buy some of your things, but I live in the U.S., so if you could let me know that would be great!

    • Amy

      Yes, i ship all over the world :)

  • Bonnie

    Thank you Amy!! This will help so many of us. I must wait to put an order in, but hopefully I’ll get to try these products of yours out…sooner rather than later! Congrats on the first 8 orders!

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