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Bye, bye MAC Blush Creme – Hello Cremeblend!

I am obsessed with cream blushes at the moment – I sense a video coming :) I know lots of you are cream fans too.

Those of you who had horrible allergic reactions to MAC’s Blush Creme’s  can rejoice! MAC have replaced them with Cremeblends. They are an entirely new formulation so maybe those of you who hated them before might enjoy them now.


They are available in 6 shades, all of which have been added to the permanent collection.

  • Posey  (original blush creme) Warm peach
  • Brit Wit (original blush creme) Dusty, rose mauve
  • So sweet, So easy – (new colour) Bright yellowy pink
  • Something Special – (new colour) Light peachy coral
  • Tea Petal – (new colour) Mid reddish brown
  • Ladyblush – original blush creme – warm neutral coral

The difference

The texture is a little different. Creme blends are a little tackier than the old blush cremes but the colour is practically the same on.


I use the stippling technique to apply cream blushes, be it with a brush, sponge or my fingers. You could use the MAC 188, which is  smaller than the 187, it’s duo fibre stippling brush and it’s made for application of products like this. You can also use your fingers of stipple, to be honest that’s how I usually apply them to my own skin.

I’m thinking of picking up Posey, So Sweet, So Easy and maybe Something Special. Oh and possibly Ladyblush. Well, I do really love cream blushes :)

Uh oh!

They are available in the US already but we have to wait another few weeks here in Ireland.

Which shade appeals to you? Do you like cream blushes?

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