Bye bye to my Bobbi Brown Gel Liners

Boo Hoo!

My Bobbi Brown Gel Liners have completely dried up. I bought them in a set on an Aerlingus flight. As much as I loved them they were a mistake.

Look at the state of them…

They have completely dried up – time for the bin!

I paid €28 for the box of two, which was a much better deal them buying them separately in Brown Thomas. I have a black one a sepia one (my favourite). They are expensive but they’re great…until they congeal that is!

I will miss them – they were so easy to apply and blend. They were also long wearing, they stayed in place all day without flaking.

If you were planning on picking on these up remember to use it up within a reasonable amount of time. If I had used these every day instead of swapping them with MAC Fluidlines I might have used the pots up before they dried up.

Sadly, I will not be repurchasing. If I was sure I could use the entire pot it would be money well spent. Not the case.

Au revoir my old friend.

Have you tried any Bobbi Brown products?

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  • Jennie Turner

    I’m gutted to here this, I’ve had mine about 4 months and I love it! I wear it everyday and it is just amazing, it stays on so well but comes off totally and without crazy rubbing with eye make up remover.
    I bought mine for holiday, because I wanted to be able to wear eye liner in the pool ( I feel like my eyes disappear with liner ) and it was exceptional stayed on perfectly even with a little eye rubbing to get water out my eyes.
    I really hope that I can make mine last without it drying out or use it up before it does because I would hate for this product to leave me with a bad impression. I am totally in love with all things Bobbi and would hate for this love affair to end!

    Jen xxx

  • Reme

    Ditto, I’ve got BB gel eyeliners in Mahogany and Black Mauve Shimmer and they’re drying out. Such a shame but it’s my fault as I stopped using eyeliner over the summer and recently have being using UD 24/7 pencils. Thanks for the reminder, I’ve just pulled them out and will try to use them up!

  • http:/ Leonie

    I’ve had mine for a long time now, at least a year, and probably longer, but they’re still going strong, happily. I do make sure to screw the lid on like a maniac, in the faint hope that they’ll be airtight :)

  • Meredith

    Try Inglot….I just bought their black gel liner and it seriously is the best gel liner I’ve EVER used! Their color range on the gel liners is pretty impressive too.

  • eva

    I haven’t tried Bobby Brown liners, but I use Smashbox Jet Set liners and they haven’t dried up for over a year and a half now. I recommend those instead!

  • Elle

    I love my Bobbi Brown liners. I have graphite and expresso and they are still going strong two years later. It’s a shame what happened to your pots, because they are fantastic.

  • saskia

    I love them! i have had mine for around 7 months now and they still havent dried up!! also do you know when the things from your blog sale will arrive?? xx

    • Amy

      Hi Saskia. I posted them on the Monday after the blog sale so should be with you by now. Email if it doesn’t arrive tomorrow x

  • Stilaloveer

    I agree Amy I was so disappointed when mine started to seize up. I used mac mixing medium but it was too much work. I have heard good things about the elf pots, have you tried them?

    • Amy

      I have heard the same thing, but I haven’t tried them yet. I will order a few and do a review x

      • Taddy

        I’ve got two of the elf ones – the black & the brown one. I ordered them together, but I didnt open the brown one for a few months.. the black one seems to get a bit dry, after like.. at least half a year, its not completely dry or anything it just starts to get dryer than the brown one, I opened a few months later.. its a wee difference up to now, and I absolutely love them! They dont smudge or anything..
        Ive never tried a bobby brown one, but I cant image what could make a huuuge difference. The only thing I dont like about the elf one that they’re not too great on the waterline, but that probably just my opinion, as every eye is different. that’s a ramble, haha. In conclusion: I love the elf gel liner. (:

  • Alanna

    I love these liners but they do dry out too quickly x x x

    • Amy

      It’s so sad because they’re great otherwise :(

  • Karen

    I was planning on buying one this month. I will make sure to use it up and get my moneys worth, thanks Amy :) xxx

    • Amy

      use it like a mad woman Karen! :)

  • Michaela

    I had the exact same problem! I only used mine at the weekends and after 5 months they were completely dried up. Sucks!!

    • Amy

      5 months? Oh no, that’s very short life span. I got about 8 months out of mine. I should have only bought one!

  • Birminghamlady

    I haven’t tried them yet, as I was afraid they’d dry up, like it happened to you. i prefer liquid eyeliners, i’ve had mine for quite a lot and I am very pleased with it. It’s a Seventeen and it’s just fine. for how long have you had these liners? months? a year? more?

    • Amy

      Under 6 months, prob more like 3 for liquid since it’s going straight from eye to pot with same wand

  • sweetlikejelly

    I’m having that problem with my fluidlines. I’ve heard you can get a mixing medium which brings them back to life for a bit more use. I really must look into that!

    • Amy

      Mixing Medium works a treat all right. Did you see the videos on YT detailing how to make your own mixing medium? I must check them out myself

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