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Carmex Strawberry

Carmex is a cult favourite. I remember the first time I tried it – I was 14 and visiting my dad’s salon. My lips were so chapped that they were cracking and bleeding (ick! I know). A colleague of my dads, James Mooney, produced a tube of Carmex from his pocket, informing that he bought it in the US. Well, it worked a treat. My lips healed in no time but I was disgusted to find out that Carmex wasn’t available in Ireland at the time.

Well as we know that changed quite some years ago. Since then I always keep a pot in my handbag. I’m not entirely sure why I like the pot so much, I have never purchased the tube.

The one negative thing I have to say about Carmex is that it smells a little off-putting. I have gotten used to the smell. But for those of you who like sweet lip balms here’s something new.

I was sent a sample of Carmex Strawberry the other day and have been testing it for a few days now.


  • Contains SPF15. UV protection in a lip product can only be a good thing.
  • Smells like strawberry milkshake
  • Still has the same menthol tingle which kicks in a few seconds after application. Overall the menthol dominates the strawberry flavour.
  • Feels sheerer than my usual pot of Carmex. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I like the thickness of the product in the pot.
  • Very moisturising.
  • Heals cracked, sore lips
  • It doesn’t contains salicylic acid like the original. Major downside to this one. The salicylic acid provides the exfoliation.
  • It doesn’t tint the lips

As much as I like the strawberry flavour I don’t think it will replace my love for the original in pot form. The sweet scent of the strawberry is a little much for my nostrils. If you like sweet scents and fruity lipbalms in general then you’ll love this.

Let me know what your favourite lip balm is?


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  • Hannah

    My favorite lip balm? Carmex sounds lovely but I couldn’t find it! I bought a Nivea lip balm (I’m terrible, I can’t remember the name!) in Glamorous Gloss Natural which has SPF 15. Let me tell you, I am in love! When I first bought it the texture put me off. But now, I apply every time I even leave the house because the taste is delicious! :) Love the website by the way! Saw it in an old KISS magazine I had. Thank you for this life saving website!

    Hannah xxx :)

  • Claire

    I have looked everywhere still no sign of it =( has any1 seen in anywhere recently ??

  • Niamh

    OMG! like im the exact same well i started using carmex in the past year and has being mad into it in the past month or so ..
    about 2 weeks ago i bought the one in the tube for a change of the pot.. i got the cherery one.( i dont know why as i dont like the smell :L ) but the pot is more think and creamy and i like that better plus i like the smell of the origional!
    thanks 4 sharing amy :)
    niamh x

  • Chloe

    i got carmex a few months ago in ASDA’s because i was starting to get coldsores; addicted since:L, i don’t like the tubes either, i always apply too much product:/:L

  • mel

    i absolutely loooveee the strawberry one in the stick version, but unfortunately can’t find it anywhere in the UK and the one I bought in the US a few months ago is running out :(

  • shopcoholic

    i love the strawberry click stick version. Carmex is my HG lipbalm!

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  • ramlah

    I love Original Carmex also, and i recently bought Cherry Carmex, but I didn’t think it was as good as the Original, i checked the ingredients and the Cherry Carmex doesn’t contain any salicylic acid. Could you check to see if the strawberry is the same or does it have salicylic acid? I know that it’s an exfoliatant which is what i always assumed was why it worked so much better than the other lip balms.

    • Amy

      Thanks for that Ramplah – You’re right! This one doens’t have salicylic acid. I’m assuming that’s why its sheerer than the original. Think I’ll be sticking to the original too :)

      • Ramlah

        I was in Superdrug today and I saw Mint Carmex, which has salicylic acid so i thought you might like to know that, plus it also has SPF 15, so it seems to be the best of original Carmex, plus sun protection and a nicer fragrance/flavour.

  • Livy

    Thanks for the heads up. I have to have it. hee hee x x x

    • Amy

      Enjoy Livy! :)

  • Michelle B

    So excited about trying this!! Love carmex :)

    • Amy

      Let us all know what you think of it :)

  • Kelly

    I love carmex but I hate the smell so I’m delighted to hear about a strawberry version :) Thanks for letting us know!

    • Amy

      For some reason I actually like the weird smell of the original. I hated it at first. Enjoy the strawberry!

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