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M2 Eyelash Eyebrow growth

I have started a little experiment this week – eyelash and eyebrow growth serums from M2 Beaute. I will update as the weeks a pass letting you know how I’m getting on but in the meantime I though I would do a little show and tell for those of you interested in these kind of products.

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LA Tweez Pro Illumintaing Tweezers

My mum picked me up this cute little gift a few weeks ago – LA Tweez Pro Illuminating Tweezers. I thought I would blog about it since I have used it almost every day since I received it.

First, a little look.

The tweezers is the same quality as my Tweezerman version, which you know I love. The angled tips make plucking a doddle and pretty painless in comparison to the average tweezers.

The LED light is fantastic precision. However, two words of caution are necessary. One, plucking in a magnified mirror with the aid of a light means you are much more likely to over-pluck. Two, if you have photo-sensitive migraine you may want to avoid using the light – I plucked my brows for 3-4 minutes and within one hour I had visual disturbance that signal the start of my migraine attacks (this will only be a problem for those who’s migraine’s are triggered by light).

I like the packaging, it’s sturdy and well made. It’s perfect to throw in your handbag and ideal for travelling. It’s easy to see why this product won two beauty awards in 2010.

All in all, a huge thumbs up from me – I’ll just be avoiding the LED light!

My mum bought mine in duty free but I checked their website and they seem to be stocked by Boots, Sephora, Harvey Nichols, CVS, British Airways… basically, they’re widely available. They cost around €20 / £15.32 / $24.

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The Worst Eyebrow Shapes…

After many requests, I am putting together a post on brow shaping. I learned a little about brow shaping at a  Make Up For Ever make-up course about 8 years ago (how times flies). Before this I was very confused about eyebrow shape and was guilty of over-plucking and god knows how many weird brow shapes. I’m no expert but will share what I now know.

In the meantime, a little look at some widely accepted ‘do nots’…

1. Avoid over-plucking or making your eyebrows very thin, unless that is the look you’re going for. I found this picture in google images to demonstrate how over-plucking can completely change the face (I searched and searched but could not find the original source of the image to credit it, I linked the google page above).

I think this comparison says it all!


2. The ‘tadpole brow’ –  I don’t know about the rest of the world but this is a common one in Ireland. It happens when you leave the thickness at the beginning of the brow but then pluck an arc right after it instead of waiting until you get to the arch.


There are thousands of women in this country alone with this eyebrow shape, the above image is quite mild. It always looks ageing. I don’t think it has ever been a fashionable eyebrow shape, it just happens after years of over plucking and confusion over where the arch should be. If you’re trying to correct a tadpole brow, grow the hair from the beginning of the brow to the arch. In the meantime fill it in with some matte shadow. I guarantee you will look 10 years younger. The tadpole shape is a clowns secret weapon, best left to them.


3. Shaved and drawn on – Unless you’re a make-up artist this is a humongous no no. Think Jodie Marsh!


I have seen a few girls from the local secondary school donning this look. Just don’t.

My post on eyebrow shaping will be up tomorrow. I hope it helps. Man I missed blogging!

Have you battled with your eyebrows over the years?

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Product Rave: Penneys Brow Kit

I have been planning an eyebrow product video for quite some time now. I have been testing brow products from lots of different brands and price ranges. I came across this little kit in Penneys last week. I couldn’t wait until I film the video to share it with you in case they stop selling them in the meantime.

PIC_1494I used it the Sex Kitten stencil today with the light powder and finishing wax.

PIC_1317I picked it up just to have a cheaper option in my video.  I had low expectations wen I saw that it cost €4. It comes with 3 stencils, a pencil, 2 shadows, wax, mini tweezers and angled brush.  There are also instructions on the lid. I haven’t tried the tweezers, I’d imaging it isn’t great. The pencil is too harsh for my features but is good quality. The shadows are perfect. The light one is great for blondes, redheads and light brunettes. The darker brown is perfect for those with dark hair. The stencils are the best I have ever tried. I have hated the others I have come across, they move, they’re ridulously shaped etc. These 3 are fantastic. Sex Kitten is my favourite shape since it’s closest to my natural brow shape.

PIC_1315Deal of the decade! I love when I have low expectations of a product and then I’m shocked when I love it.

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Changing your Hair Colour: What about Eyebrows?

I have been asked eyebrows and hair colour change quite a bit.

Generally eyebrows should be a shade or two darker than your hair. I am a natural blonde but even when I was blonde I tinted my eyebrows very lightly as they are almost white. Not a good look! Now that I am red the same tint works fine.

If you are going blonde from a darker shade, brown eyebrows could work just fine. Bear in mind that your brows shouldn’t over Continue Reading