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Sugarpill Cosmetics – MUFE alternatives?

I got my hands on some Sugarpill Cosmetics from Cocktail Cosmetics. So far, I’m very impressed. Thought you might like a gander :)

I got two single pressed eye shadows and one gorgeous palette.

How fabulous is the packaging!



Addicted to Pretty Eye Palette – Sweet Heart…


Sweet Heart has four shades -Tako (Matte white), Dollypop (Matte fuchsia), Midori (frosty grass green) and Afterparty (Frosty blue with a hint of aqua).

All of the shadows are very pigmented and easy to apply.  They can be worn alone or layered together. To get the full effect I like to pack on the colour with a flay shader brush, fluffy is just messy when you’re dealing with brights.

The palette itself is very strong and durable, much more so than a mac palette. Very professional in presentation. The pans are also magnetic and can be moved around or added into a larger palette.


Pressed Eye Shadows in Poisen Plum and Buttercup…

These are pretty similar to Make Up For Ever shadows in my opinion! They are just as pigmented, they’re the same size but they’re cheaper. Remember of course that I can only speak for the shadows I have tried.

I also really love the packaging – sturdy and urban. I’m on board.

And now to the swatches (taken in natural light) Here is the quad…

And the single shadows…..

Very pigmented and vibrant I think you’ll agree. I know many of shy away from brights but one bright accent shade with neutrals can look amazing without being over the top. My favourite way to wear bright eye shadow is to go neutral on the lid and smudge a more colourful shade into my lower lash line. Occasionally I might brave a bright colour on the lid and blend it out by applying a matte taupe to the crease of my eye. That’s probably the best way to ease yourself into colour.

They are all available from Cocktail Cosmetics. The individual shadows cost €9.06 / £7.95 and the palette is €26.15 / £22.95.


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Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

A few goodies arrived from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I have never tried the brand before but have heard quite a few YouTube guru’s raving about them so I was delighted to explore.

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars

Left to right – Vintage, Vapid, Grandma, Anima

And here are some swatches (taken in natural light)….

Left to right – Vintage, Vapid, Anima, Grandma,

Ok so the lip tars aren’t for the feint hearted. They are intensely pigmented and super tacky, definitely made for professional use. That being said they could be enjoyed by those of you who like to have fun with your make-up.

The tars are top quality and are a great addition to my make-up kit. Now whether I would have the guts to wear them is another story, think I’ll dip a toe in my trying Grandma first :)

Each lip tar  costs €10.20 / £8.95

OCC Colour Concentrate Pigments

Left to right – Ginger, Lafayette, Flicker

And some more swatches (also taken in natural light)….

Left to right – Ginger, Flicker, Lafayette

These cost €9.06 / £7.95 each. They’re another great addition to a make-up artists kit or if you’re a make-up lover who enjoys working with pigments. They are easy to work with, and last ages. I particularly love Ginger, perfect for blue eyes.

I’m really impressed by the quality of these products. They are not from a comercial, main stream brand and that’s clear. The quality and pigmentation is excellent. Worth a look.

You can find Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics at Cocktail Cosmetics.

Have you tried this brand?


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Some lovely pigments – Medusa’s Make Up at Cocktail Cosmetics

I’m liking these pigments by Medusa’s Make Up. They are great for anyone building a make-up artist kit or anyone who enjoys working with pigments for fun. I have three shades…

All three shades are shimmery, not glittery,  and have a satiny feel to them.  The colours are all vibrant, easy to blend and best of all, long lasting. They are essentially pure good quality pigment that can be mixed together to make unique colours.

Here are a few swatches (taken in natural light)…

The dusts are also natural and vegan friendly and are a great alternative to MAC or Shu Uemura pigments.They’re also much cheaper at €4.50 / £3.95 a pot.

I think you’re either a pigment lover or your not. The little sifting grates really bother some people. I tend to use pigments more when I have time to experiment, they can be messy to use in a rush.

I always apply pigments over an eye base for extra longevity and to help them stick. This also adds to the vibrancy of the shades. At the moment I’m using NYX eye base in skin colour or MAC Painterly Paintpot – I like both.

I have heard plenty of make-up lovers in the US talking about these dusts but they are actually available over this side of the world…woo hoo. Mine are from Cocktail Cosmetics.

Do you like using pigments?

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Tips for wide lips

I am often asked how the shape of facial features effect make-up application. I will start with lip shape since the last email I received was from a girl who wanted to correct a wide mouth. No ones lips are perfect but there are a few things to bear in mind when choosing make-up.

Use gloss – Matte lipstick can make lips look flat. Gloss will give the illusion of depth. Apply it to the centre of the bottom and top lip to make them appear plumper and de-emphasise the length.

You could also use a lip liner to emphasise the bow of the lip. This will draw the eye away from the width.

If you are emphasising your eyes with make-up it’s a good idea to use a nude colour on the lips.

You could also try lining the inside of the lip line if you want to de-emphasise your lips completely. Although this is extreme and unnecessary.

I hope this helped! I will be posting again in the next few hours :)

Amy x


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Special Effects Adhesives for Make-Up Artists

When I started out in make-up the only adhesive I had to my name was Duo. While it’s great for eyelashes and latex it’s not really an all round adhesive. I have since explored other types and have found that they each have their strengths and drawbacks. So if you were wondering what adhesives to buy for your kit or are unsure about the one to choose to meet the requirements of the job at hand here is a little information on the types of adhesives used by artists and what they actually stick.

Duo – Sticks latex. Great as an eyelash glue. It can also be used to blend the edges of prosthetic pieces made from latex.

ProsAide – This sticks latex only. However, it can be mixed with water and used as a sealer on foam pieces.

Spirit Gum –  sticks latex, gelatine and plastic.

Dow Corning 355 Medical Adhesive – This is great stuff. It sticks plastic, gelatine and latex quickly. It can also be thinned using the same thinner used to thin Tipp-ex (trichlorotrifluoroethane – good job I didn’t have to attempt to pronounce this!).

Some of these adhesives are only necessary for the application of prosthesis and bigger jobs. If want to explore fantasy make-up or special effects however it’s worth making sure that you have something in your kit to stick anything!

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How to: Cover an indented scar

I have been asked quite a few times to explain the process of covering an indented scar. This method is great for covering all manner of indented scars – acne indented scaring, chicken pox marks, indented surgical scars etc.

A mixture of highlighting, shading and covering can make a scar look less indented. The idea is to create the illusion that the surrounding area protrudes less.

  • Cover the scar with a camouflage/concealer that matches your skin tone of the surrounding skin.
  • Apply a slightly paler shade than this around the inside edge of the scar. I like to use a small liner brush for precision and eliminate mess. Tap this with your fingertip. Don’t rub it in.
  • Set with a thin veil of powder
  • Apply a slightly darker cream (than the one that matches your skin tone) to the area just outside of the scar (the perimeter). Once again tap don’t rub.
  • Set with powder.

If the scarring is mild you could pick yourself up a concealer palette with a variety of shades to experiment with. However, if the scarring is more obvious and visibly discoloured or deep I would recommend investing in some camouflage products. I use veil and dermacolor in my kit but there are plenty of brands on the market to suit your skin and your wallet.

I hope this helped!


*Image from

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Square Face: How to Soften a Square Face & Blush Tips

Here are a few tips to help soften a sqaure face. Celebrities with a square face include Kate Bosworth, Paris Hilton, Demi Moore, Carmen Electra, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel.

  • Concentrate the blush on the roundest parts of you cheeks.
  • Apply a matte shader under your cheekbones to contour
  • Shade the square ‘edges’ of the face; square points of forehead, chin or jaw to soften the face. You are applying shader to make the harsher edges recede.
  • Dust highlighter down down the bridge of the nose, along cheekbones and tip of the chin.

Click here to see how to slim a round face.


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Make-up 101: Choosing foundation for you Skin Type

Most people I come across use liquid foundation. I get so many questions about what foundations to use for a particular skin type. I thought I would post a little information about the types available to help those of you who are new to make-up choose the right one for you.

Many women (myself included) choose foundations based on friends recommendations. That can work out fine but more often then not you won’t get the same finish your friend got. You have to consider your own skin type and your suitability to the product. For this reason most of us are on a quest for the the Holy Grail foundation. In reality what is holy grail for you, may not be for the next girl.

When we delve in to foundations it’s clear why finding the perfect one is such a long journey of trial and error.

There are 3 things to consider 1.The type of foundation 2. The Coverage and 3. The Finish

Liquid Foundation:

These can be oil or water based. It is important to check which and factor in your skin type. If you have oily skin and you choose an oil based foundation, chances are you’ll end up with a shiny face a few hours in, or even have no make-up left.

If you have dry skin and you choose a water based foundation it could be too drying leaving a caked on look. If you have normal skin you will probably get away with either but you’ll probably have to experiment to find one that’s perfect.


  • Matte: Zero shine
  • Luminous: glowing, shimmery
  • Satin/Velvet: Semi-matte finish


  • Invisible: For very clear skin. Less than 50% pigment
  • Sheer: Light coverage for skin that has a few tiny flaws
  • Medium: Covers around 60%
  • Full: Bad acne, scars,birthmarks etc Can look very heavy.No need to use all over

No wonder it’s taking us so long to find ‘the one’. When I am considering a foundation purchase I factor in type, coverage and finish. If they tick the 3 boxes I am a happy woman.

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Make-Up Artist Discounts – What’s available?

Here is a list of the discounts available for make-up artists. Pro discounts make building your kit much easier. Each company will have different requirements for application so you will need to check their website for a full list. Here is some more information on the brands that offer a pro discount, what percentage they offer and how to apply.

MAC Pro –

Makeup Artists receive 40% off when you download their pro membership application online and send  2 credentials (certificate, letter from employer, credits etc) Continue Reading

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How to Conceal Rosacea

Rosacea plagues so many women. It causes redness and swelling, usually on the face. It can be difficult to mask but here are some tips for concealing the affected area.

  • Choose a yellow based concealer. Apply it to the red area only.
  • Use your fingers to blend the outer part of the concealer into your normal skin (then skin without Rosacea)
  • It’s important not to over-blend or rub in as you could wipe off the product.
  • Use a stippling brush to apply foundation over the area so it blends with the rest of your face. Avoid using fingers or foundations brushes as you could move the concealer.
  • Roll a light finishing powder over your skin with a powder puff.

Not that the tools you use to conceal redness are so important.

I have been asked about hoe to conceal redness quite a bit so I hope this helps.