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Product Revival & Review – Olay Daily Facials Clarify Scrub

Whilst cleaning out the press under my bathroom sink last week I found a tonne of unloved products. At the very back I found Olay Daily Facials Clarity Daily Scrub.

I bought this last year used it a handful of times and moved on, the usual story. In the interest of clearing out the press I decided to use it up.

I have been using it for nine days now and I have to admit, I like it.

It contains tiny little beads, so tiny and so few that I’m not sure how exfoliating this product is. This doesn’t bother me since I have been using it as a cleanser morning and evening. I follow with Liz Earl toner and Origins Mega Mushroom Serum (video review coming soon on this one!).

My skin has been quite sensitive lately so I was expecting a little irritation. Not so. My skin feels soft. I actually look forward to using it before bed.

The only thing that puts me off is the colour, it’s blue!

The scrub contains green tea, aloe vera and salicylic acid which makes this a good option for those of use who suffer from spots.

As much as I’m enjoying using the wash I’m not sure if I would repurchase. We’ll see! It costs around £4.50 / €6 for 150ml’s.

What are your thoughts on Olay products? Are there any that you recommend?

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My favourite Lipstick right now…

You probably all know how I feel about Boots No7 products by now; overpriced and often disappointing. With that said I must admit that I’m still in love with No 7 Moisture Drench lipstick in Starshell.


As I mentioned in a recent video, this was my first every lipstick when I was 17. I loved it then and I love it now. It’s the perfect shade for my skin tone. It’s a peachy shade with a hint of amber..

P1020957How often do we come across a lipstick that is made for us! I’m delighted that I have rediscovered this one. It also looks amazing with a tan.

It’s moisturising so no dry lips. It’s quite sheer but it still adds a decent amount of colour. If you have warm undertones, want a break from pinks and are looking for a wearable shade you should have a look at this one.

What is you staple lipstick?

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L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara

I picked up Loreal Double Extend mascara at the height of my mascara addiction. I have quite a few on the go and this one got lost at the bottom of the drawer.


Left: With mascara Right: Without

I mentioned in a video that this product was a nightmare to remove. I received about a hundred comments from people telling me that it clearly states on the package that warm water is needed to get this stuff off. Who reads mascara packaging?

I have revived this mascara, my initial intention was to use it up before it expired. My experience:

The good:

  • I loved applying this mascara. I like the idea of the white conditioning later
  • It made a huge difference to the length of my lashes after only one coat
  • The black coat needs to applied immediately after the white or it goes clumpy
  • It lasted all day with no fading, smudging or flaking
  • It didn’t irritate my eyes
  • Widely available and reasonably priced

The bad:

Impossible to remove with eye make-up remover or wipes. It does state that warm water lifts the mascara right off. My dilemma is that there is rarely warm water in my tank by the time I’m removing my make-up. Last night I had to boil the kettle to take it off. That is a major downside to this mascara for me. The water ran down my arms as I wiggled the lashes (I hate that!). It also came off in tubes of product which frightened me as I thought I was pulling out lashes.

The bottom line:

I do love the effects but because of the removal process I won’t use this everyday. I think I’ll save it for special occasions. Loreal have a newer version of this mascara which comes in a blue tube, I think I’ll give that one a try.

What is your favourite mascara? Have you tried Loreal Double Extend?

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Products I’ve rediscovered

Quite often and sometimes for no reason at all, a product ends up in the bottom of my make-up drawer.  Here are some products I’ve rediscovered lately.


It is such a waste, especially when you consider the shelf life of liquids. But I love the feeling of digging out something you forgot you even owned. It always makes me appreciate things more.

What have you rediscovered lately?

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My thoughts on Maybelline Liquid Mineral Foundation

I have had Maybelline Mineral liquid foundation for a while  now. I gave it a try this week. Here are my thoughts (deep as always hee hee):

The good:

  • SPF 15
  • Creamy but light  texture
  • Fresh glowy effect on skin after it is applied
  • Easy to blend and apply; fingers, damp sponge, foundation brush
  • Pump bottle. No mess what so ever.
  • Cheap and often on special offer
  • Very accessible. Stocked in chemists, boots & some supermarkets
  • Colour looked natural on me
  • Light to medium coverage. It’s also quite buildable. But at most you’re going to get a lighter side of medium coverage.
  • Can be easily mixed with your moisturiser for even lighter coverage for Summer
  • Good for dry skin

The bad:

  • Still needed a little bit of concealer but then again I do with most ‘drugstore’ foundations
  • Glass bottle makes it too heavy for my handbag. Not a hope in hell it’s fitting in my clutch
  • Needed powdering on my skin
  • Not very long lasting on me. Lasted about 4-5 hours before I needed to touch up. I only reapplied to my chin though. I bet this wouldn’t last an hour on oily skin!
  • Limited colour range
  • Not for those who need medium to full coverage
  • It may photograph a little funny due to the SPF
  • The marketing spiel: Minerals, sounds healthy right? Wrong. It’s full of all the usual chemicals and preservatives.

PIC_0396I applied this foundation using a foundation brush. Then I blended using a duo-fibre stippling brush.

If you have dry skin and you’re looking for an affordable product it’s worth a try. If  you have oily skin you’ll probably want to stay away from this product, it will make you shine…in all the wrong ways.

What do you think of this foundation? Have you tried the Maybelline mineral powder?


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Bottom Drawer Make-up Revival: Lancome Photogenic Foundation

I have decided in these recessionary times that it would be a good idea to revive make-up I have sent to my bottom drawer.

Anything products that end up in my drawer are liked enough not to give away but not liked enough to put in my train case. Mostly products end up there when I don’t try them enough. Enter a new project.


I closed my eyes and did a sort of ‘lucky dip’ in my drawer. I’ll do this every week and use the proudct all week long. At the end of the week I’ll decide if the item gets bumped up to my train case for use or gets passed on to my friends/sister. It’s such a waste leaving all of that make-up there, untested, unloved and going off!

Without much further ado this weeks revival product is Lancome Photogenic Foundation. I used this once, thought it was average, didn’t give it a fair try and inevitably tossed it into my bottom drawer. What a waste you might say, well not any more.

I pledge to use this product daily for one week before deciding it’s fate!

Amy x